People come to me all the time for advice because apparently I can be very wise and to be honest, I've gone through a lot in my short 21 years. I try to have a very neutral stance on the advice I give because I want people to make their own choice as it is not my life that is being affected in the situations people need help with. I take the "put myself in their shoes" approach because I tell them what I personally would do in a situation but always reassure them that is ultimately up to them and what they want to do.

I should learn to take my own advice but I fail miserably because I feel that same doubt that people have when they ask for some helpful tips from me.

Here are some wise words I give others but should really take for my own good:

1. "They're not worth your tears"

I say this to my friends who have dating problems but yet when I have those problems, I can't help but cry. Boys are definitely not worth my tears but I get too emotional each time my heart gets broken.

2. "Get your sh*t together"

Yeah, so stop procrastinating and leaving things to the very last minute @ myself

3. "You'll find a great person eventually"

I say this a lot yet then after giving this advice, I immediately go on Tinder or Bumble SMH

4. "Shoot your shot sis"

I am a massive wuss and the only shot I always would rather shoot is a basketball one because I fear rejection more than most things.

5. "Drop them, they're so toxic"

Whether it's been platonic or romantic, I don't have the heart to let someone go even when they're bad for me. I usually wait to get dropped by that toxic person because I am a massive wuss as I stated earlier.

6. "Recognize your worth"

I constantly bring myself down while I tell others to not do the same. I gotta start to try to remind myself that I am kind, I am smart, and I am important, ALWAYS.