Is It Strange To Go To A Concert By Myself?

Going To A Concert By Yourself Is Not As Bad As You May Think

This is coming from an "adult" who still relies on her mother to make her doctor appointments


As a lot of people know, I love going to concerts. I try to go as much as my time and money allows me to go and now that I live in Los Angeles, it has definitely made it easier to follow my concert lifestyle.

Every time I go to a concert, I ALWAYS go with friends or with my family and so I've always been skeptical and extremely nervous about ever going to a concert by myself.

When I buy concert tickets, I always ask friends if they wanna come with me and most of the time they say yes but a few months ago I bought concert tickets just for myself because I feared my friends would flake on me since I was moving away from home for school.

Recently, I went to my first concert all by my lonesome self and if I have to be honest it was fun and totally exceeded my expectations.

Here are a few tips on surviving a night out by yourself:

1. Ride-share services are your homies

I don't have a car so I always rely on friends, family, or public transportation. Uber and Lyft have cheap pool options so choose those if you want to get there quickly and save some money! It gets hectic since A TON of people orders them at the same time so be smart and communicate with your driver!

2. Be smart when it comes to buying things inside a venue

As much as you want that tour t-shirt, is it worth buying it for $40 when it's really worth $15? Being by myself made me feel less pressured to buy merchandise than when I'm with others. I honestly think buying the $10 from the bootleggers outside the venue is much more worth it especially when you're saving money and still getting a decent shirt! If you do buy a shirt from the bootleggers, always bring cash!

3. Don't be afraid to ask people questions

If you are lost, ask people for help! Do not be afraid, most of the time people will be nice and WILL help you! One person approached me to help since I did look like a lost puppy. If that happens, do not be embarrassed, getting lost can happen to anyone!

4. Have fun

One positive thing about going by yourself is that you're not stressed that you have to rely and wait on others. You're on your own time and you're responsible for your fun night! Dance like no one is watching and no one is judging!

Some people might not like being alone and I thought I would have never like going to a concert by myself but I had the best time all by myself! I can't wait to go to another concert by myself sometime soon!

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To My Best Friend Who Doesn’t Know How Strong She Is

Always better together.

To the one I know I will always have by my side,

First off, thank you. Thanks for dealing with all my shit: my mess, drama, tears, and weirdness. There are so many reasons why you are my best friend; you are funny, amazing, kind and unbelievably supportive. I am beyond lucky to have someone that gets me and has been there with me through the best of times and the worst of times.

You are strong

Life is difficult; I think we have both realized that by now. Whether you believe me or not you are kicking everything being thrown at you in the ass. You have been through everything and more and have always come out of it a stronger, and better person. You are never alone and you know that; we have been there for each other for years and that will never end.

You are special

I have never met anyone with a bigger heart than you; you sympathize with anyone that comes to you for advice. You take things to heart and look at the world in a unique and beautiful way. You appreciate the little things in life, watching Dance movies with your mom, a late night snack at Taco Bell, driving with the top down and dancing like no one is watching.

You are beautiful

You are way more beautiful than you think. You’ve got softness to you that is calming, a smile that is contagious, and a gorgeous girl with so much to offer. You are filled with love and compassion, an amazing writer, dancer and overall an amazing and beautiful person.

You can get through anything

I know you are going through a hard time right now, but look at how far you’ve come. You have gone through way worse and you will get through this just like you have in the past. You will become even more powerful than you already are. You are experienced and that’s part of what makes me love you so much. We have gone through a lot together and we know that whatever life throws at us we can handle it.

I am always here

Your hardship is my hardship, but keep your head up high just like I know you can. You have so much love in your life, from your family, your friends and me. I love you, I have never had a friend like you and I am so grateful every day because of it. You are going to get through this. You are going to get through it because you are, powerful, you are beautiful and you are strong.

~Written with love and appreciation for the most amazing friend I could ever ask for~

Cover Image Credit: Sarah Richman

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To My Ex-Best Friend

Everything doesn’t last forever!


In the beginning, it was a great friendship! I thought it was going to last for years and even forever. I could see you being a part of my future like being a part of my wedding, around my children, etc.

There were different signs in the beginning, but I never wanted to pay attention to them. I kept making excuses for situations I knew was wrong.

I had never had a friend like you before, so I wanted to maintain it.

Little did I know, it wasn't a friendship that I needed to stay in. It constantly felt like a full-time job trying to be your friend, and it often seemed like you never appreciated it.

There were many reasons that made me come to the conclusion that this was not a friendship that needed to last for too long.

1. I was always the one that initiated for us to hang out

2. Once you got another boyfriend, you acted like you no longer needed a friend anymore

3. You constantly put me on the back burner until you needed something or someone to talk to

4. Our friendship constantly made me feel like I was on an emotional roller coaster

5. I wouldn't miss talking to you whenever we would stop talking because you were rude to me

  • If I can stop talking to you easily and not miss you, then that means our friendship wasn't that significant as I thought it was.
  • I don't hate you, and I don't resent you. In fact, I thank you and appreciate what you did. Although it didn't end well, I still got to experience having a close friend for a period of time. Because of you, I also know what I want in a friend and what I won't tolerate in a friendship!

    I wish nothing but the best for you, and I hope you find a friend just like you!

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