My best friend just turned 21 and at first thinking about how I have a whole year before we can hit the bars (legally) together, made me feel a little sad. I wondered how much more fun this summer could be if we were both "of age," but then I thought about how great it's been to have been able to see her go through all of life's big moments just a little before me.

She's the big sister you've always wanted because she's not annoying about it! Yes, she's older, but we can still relate to absolutely everything the other is going through, she just has a few more stories to go along with the advice she gives.

Here are 21 things that happen when your best your best friend is a year older than you.

1. You have the "big sister, little sister" relationship, without taking it to extremes


There's no question I look up to her, but I know she looks up to me too.

2. Yes she's older than me, but no one think it's weird that we're Bffs


We've introduced each other to so many different people I can't keep track, and never once has anyone questioned our different ages or grades.

3. You can watch her go through everything in life before you and learn from her experiences

Whether it be finding an internship, relation struggles, friend drama, and eventually navigating through real world, I feel more prepared because I've been by her side as she's tackled it first.

4. But we're still at the same maturity level to understand each other's problems and their relevancy

There's never been a time where something she says goes over my head, or listening to me rant is like listening to a 3rd grader. We're so close in age that we just get it even if we're not living it, and our combined experiences equals total success.

5. When it comes to grade school a year makes a big difference, so both of our social circles we're hella expanded


In high school especially I always felt like I knew so many people, because if they weren't my friends they were her's.

6. Yet it's not weird for either of you to hang out with each other's friends

It doesn't feel like you're hanging out with the "big kids" or the "little kids" when we hung with each other's friends, it was just more friends.

7. You can have entirely different groups of friends and there will NEVER (dare I even say it) be an ounce of jealousy

Jealousy just isn't a thing, because no matter what you do always have your own stuff going on.

8. Your parents always think she's super responsible (not that she's not, but iykyk) so they'll give you more freedom then usual because "she's older"


Story of my life growing up! So much so that I would actually get annoyed when I hung out with friends in my grade, because there were so many rules and it was like we could do anything fun! This also may just be our parents letting us roam...see number 17.

9. She got her license a whole year sooner than you, so it was like you got yours a year early


Bye bus! See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

10. It was super cool when she was in High School and you were in Middle School

2011 Me: "Yeah well, my best friends in High School, so..."

11. She's been there, and done that, so your crazy party stories are always welcomed with open arms


More like encouraged.

12. You mature slightly sooner than your others friends

The minute she stepped foot on a college campus I was SO OVER all things high school.

13. You'll always keep her young, even if it's just a little

And youth is the ultimate desire.

14. There's no competition because you're never at the exact same moment in life

You just want each other to succeed so you can achieve your lifelong dream of world domination together.

15. She ALWAYS wants the best for you because no one wants to be slaying the game solo

Also, world domination.

16. She's wiser than you, without being annoying about it

There will never be a "when I was your age", but she still has so much she can teach you.

17. She used to babysit you


This one is unique to us because I can't see anyone else's parent's allowing a 6th and 7th grader to stay home alone together for half a school week, but I'm so glad ours did.

18. You always have someone looking out for you


And she's never been afraid to throw hands.

19. With the year difference, you've always lead slightly different lives, so you've known from day one how to thrive through seperation


Growing up we never had the luxury of having classes or lunch periods together, but we've made it work since day 1 so now its just second nature.

20. She's the best and worst influence

If she's my worst influence then take a deep breath mom and dad because things are looking up!

21. She turns 21 before you


If you're 21, I'm 21.

There's no one I'd rather have as my best friend.