From a young age, I have always been someone who has been very physically active. I was a gymnast for almost 11 years and cheered for 3 years after that.

Even after I graduated high school, and grew out of cheer, I have still kept exercise as an important aspect of my life .

With that said, some days it can be hard to get myself motivated to get up and go to the gym, or even just get out for a walk. But especially on days when I feel like that, I make myself go which ends up making me feel even better afterward.

I say this not to make myself sound like a hard core gym rat, but as a college student who takes the time to do something good for herself.

Working out is not only just about going to the gym, but it can be playing soccer with your friends, or maybe going for a walk around campus. This stigma connected with working out is what turns many people away to begin with, but you have to realize there are many different options of ways to get active.

Not only can getting active improve your physical body and health, but also your mental well being as well. Working out releases endorphin's which is the chemical that helps to make us our happier selves.

Also after completing our workouts, you feel much better and productive with your day, or I do at least! Not to mention the better you workout, or the more you're active, the better sleep you get; and who doesn't love a good nights sleep?!

Another issue with some people can be the unknown of the gym or what to do while there. This is a question that is asked about numerous times to many people or online.

I will say this, the amount of workouts you will find online are among hundreds of thousands, therefore when you are looking, narrow down your search to one part of the body.

Better yet, if this is new to you, maybe search for a beginner's guide to working out, or maybe bring a friend along to make you more comfortable. Either way, don't let the gym terrify you, it's there for your use!

Lastly, getting active is important especially now because we, as college students can use it as an escape of everything else that is going on for us. Whether that's classes, tests or even people drama that surrounds us, it gives us a place to retreat and blow off steam. That, in turn, will aid you very much in the long run.

So get out, go walk a mile, or maybe do a 15-minute ab workout! Find your favorite music and just make yourself your own little workout world!