We're all going through changes. It may not be every day, but we're seeing changes more often than we ever have at this point in our lives. You may have begun your college career desiring to be a doctor, only to realize your sophomore year that it's not for you anymore, and you want to pursue your real passion for accounting. Just like that, your entire life has shifted in a way you never expected. The same thing goes for friend groups.

Someone you knew before college who you called a best friend you haven't spoken to since the summer after your freshman year. A friend you met the first semester of your junior year proves to be a better friend than someone you met when your college career first began. Some of us grow up while others stay grounded in the past, which is basically high school. We're out here turning 21, yet there are so many of you who aren't acting like it.

I've done a hell of a lot of maturing in the last three years, but I have to say the majority of it was the first semester of my junior year, this past fall. I realized my faults as a person in relationships with both friends, family, and boys and have worked hard to try and push myself to be better for me. While becoming better, I have reevaluated who I really want in my life, because keeping anyone toxic around would only hinder my development into the best version of me. You can go through life and just have a bad feeling toward someone and just not understand why, until they do something to set you off. It's in that moment when you realize that your gut called it, and it's now at the point where you either give them another shot or block them out of your life forever.

Stop giving these toxic, messy people the benefit of the doubt because they will ALWAYS hurt you again in one way or another. You are a good, wholesome person and you don't deserve to be used when it's convenient for someone else to suddenly need you. You are not disposable, they are, so trash them, honey. We're all growing up and trying to find our spot in this scary world of adulthood. Some of us will mature and get it together, while others do not want to grow up, and will continue acting like children until life kicks their ass and they realize they have next to no friends to go to for anything.

Block out the negativity and don't feel bad. Make power moves to better yourself and leave those ready to drag you down in the past. You're 21 and acting like it. There is no shame in only associating with only people on your level.