Embracing your flaws
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Accepting Acceptance

How hard can it really be?

Accepting Acceptance
sara enyeart (2019)

Each of us has experienced the urge for validation at some point in our lives. Whether it was the need for approval from our peers, our family, or complete strangers, it's human nature to want to be wanted - to be embraced and accepted. I know I will not be the first to say this, but I most definitely seek the validation of everyone in my life, even complete strangers. Insecurities can be major obstacles in our lives; obstacles that are often pushed so far down we've given up the possibility of shedding light on them and coming to a resolution.

I know for me, and so many other people, body image and the “ideal" physical appearance was, or is, at some point the most important aspect in our lives. I struggle with my own body positivity and often let my insecurities and self-doubts cloud my judgement. I've let my confidence go and adopted the practice of making unnecessary self-deprecating comments.

It seems that with the rise of Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat and the fact that many of the younger generations are joining the social media movement. Though these platforms have the ability to connect millions of individuals across the world, it also has the ability to alter one's perception of “reality"

Similar to experiencing the desire to be accepted, we all have fallen victim to a false concept of real-life. From photoshopped vacation pictures to unrealistic “body goals", access to the Internet gives people the opportunity to present the best version of themselves and they rarely allow for their vulnerability to be portrayed to the public. Again, we only seek validation of our best features, stories, fashion taste, etc. People would rather present only the perfect snippets of their lives than to be honest with their audience about their daily challenges. It’s time we start acknowledging our flaws, not in a negative manner, but accepting them as a part of ourselves and embracing who we really are, not by definition of social media.

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