Each morning I take four pills, and then each night I take eight, all for my epilepsy.

I have 'rescue' medication, so if I start to have seizures I can take that and they'll quit. I also have 'rescue' medication for migraines and nausea, both side effects from my four medications.

Clearly, all of these medications are important to my well-being, and very essential if I want to live a normal, functioning life. They are basically my lifeline.

I can assure you I am not the only one with these odd-shaped, orange-bottled types of lifelines. There are millions of people out there with health issues all across the board (anxiety, ADHD, migraines, depression, to name a few) and they to require medications to go about a typical daily life. There are dozens of people with dozens of various and necessary prescriptions, and without the medications, their life will be vastly impeded.

Thus, by abusing prescription drugs countless people could lose their health, daily lives, and, ultimately, their life.

If someone is abusing prescription medication they may bring up that they don't acquire or take the drugs from anyone who needs them. Wrong. So wrong. Every pill you pop, you are taking from someone. No, not productivity wise-- the pharmaceutical companies should be fine. Instead, the chances of others with the disorder are less likely to get the prescription.

Doctors weren't born yesterday. They are aware when certain drugs are being abused. Doctors become much more hesitant about prescribing medications when they know they are abused. Thus, they are also much more hesitant when diagnosing the health issues coupled to the drug. For example, Adderall is prescribed for ADHD, and doctors have to be extra careful prescribing Adderall because they know it is abused. Imagine if you were a college student having concentration issues, hyperactivity, so you went to the doctor to see if you had ADHD. They doctor might be very skeptical as they might think you were just trying to get a prescription of Adderall to share with you and your study group. If you actually had ADHD this would be an extremely frustrating process and a patient always wants to have the doctors trust. By abusing prescriptions, doctors are backed into the corner inch-by-inch, pill-by-pill.

So, every time someone says anything about abusing a prescription medication, my mind is blown. Aren't you aware those are for people with that the actual health issue? And you just want to study for a final that you procrastinated for? You just want to "feel happy" for an hour?

The selfishness that goes behind abusively popping a prescription drug is beyond me.

On a personal level, one of my medications is apparently great for making people "feel good." All I know for certain is that it is great for stopping seizures. When someone takes a prescription drug to chase a short high it almost becomes equated to stopping a seizure, possibly my own seizure, because that's what the drug is for, right?

Obviously, I value the medication very much as it will stop me from having a seizure. However, what bothers me most, is that apparently, seizures don't matter as much to those recreationally taking the medication.

So, not only have you offended people with health problems, but you have also decreased their chances of receiving help. Someone who actually has a disorder is being stripped of their medication to chase a little high.

Pill popping someone's daily-functioning-life away is really not okay.