Women's health is normally thought of as taboo and not talked about a lot. I do not consider myself a feminist but I am a woman and I am aware of what our bodies go through. In no way am I demeaning anyone else's bodies, but women are strong!

Think about if you were born and had no one to thoroughly take care of you. Some mothers who get pregnant are not ready to raise a human being and that's okay. They aren't trying to "kill off a baby" or "be selfish. They need some time, they might not be mentally prepared to have a child in their life especially if they may not have a father figure.

The women's reproductive system brought every single person into this world and deserves to be respected. If men have a choice to get a vasectomy or not, then women should also have the choices that they wish to have.

Nobody's life is perfect and sometimes people need to be cut a break. Everyone's mental health is important, and society has more pressure today than it ever has, with media, technology, etc.

Abortions should be thought about very cautiously, and not done for no reason. I believe that everyone deserves a choice in life, especially when it has to do with their own bodies. We have people who shoot and kill people with guns every day, but then women get bashed for "killing" an unborn baby.

I am not perfect and my opinion is only an opinion, but I believe in the women that continue to stand up for this. In ending, I believe that women's health should be discussed more and be more open. People should be more educated about women's anatomy!