What an Abortion Clinic is Actually Like
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What an Abortion Clinic is Actually Like

Clinics get a bad rap for being these scary protest ridden places. The reality could not be more different.

What an Abortion Clinic is Actually Like
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Yup, you read that right. I went to an abortion clinic. But, not for abortion (even though I would recommend them for that), instead I went for a long term birth control.

Like most people after this election I am terrified about what will happen to my reproductive rights. I was on the pill, but between working 25 hours a week while taking the maximum course load, I was barely getting my pills on time. However, I knew that because of where I reside the chances of not being able to access an abortion were very low should I need it. But then November 8 happened: Trump was elected. He wants to completely override the Supreme Court. Mike Pence is now VP and he respects life so much he would rather women die than get an abortion. They promised to repeal Obamacare so who knows how my birth control would even be covered? So on November 9 I called to make my appointment for a copper IUD.

I went to a private clinic which was right over the border of Northwest DC into Maryland. It was in a large office building. On the same floor was a dentist, a cardiologist, and a real estate agent. To get into the clinic I had to buzz in. No one knew why I was there nor did they need to know. Even in the clinic no one knew what I was there for. Birth control, emergency contraception, abortion, STI testing, STI treatment, or a regular pelvic exam were all reasons I could have come.

Inside the clinic there were hardwood floors and nice comfy chairs to greet me. The women inside the clinic all nodded and smiled at each other, no one had any shame that they were there. The doctor talked about the IUD I wanted with me in a separate room before the procedure. What I could experience during the insertion, what my periods would be like after, what would happen to my body while adjusting to being off hormonal birth control were all discussed. Her number one priority was making sure I was fully informed about the method I had chosen. We spoke about what options I had for my body, not what the doctor thought was best.

The procedure itself lasted for five minutes. As someone who hates the doctors, especially the gynecologist, I felt at ease during the entire thing. While it did hurt worse than anything else my uterus had experienced (big cramp is understatement) the doctor was also a trained midwife who helped talk me through it. After it was over I did get a little light headed, but they gave me fruit snacks and had me lie down until it went away. After that, I was free to leave.

The most important thing I learned from this experience is that clinics are not scary, no doctor should be, but clinics are probably the least scary. I felt safe and cared for the entire time. Everyone there, staff or patient, trusted me to make the best decision for my body. Their only goal was to help me carry out my decision safely and with respect. That is something I believe everyone deserves and it can be found at your local clinic.

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