When it comes to cheerleading, there are so many different terms. Here is a list with explanations of cheerleading words A-Z:


All-Star cheerleading is completely different from school cheer. All-star cheerleading is when cheerleaders are part of a team that is associated with a gym, they go to competitions and compete. At these competitions they can win trophies, medals or bids to bigger competitions such as Worlds, The US Finals or The Summit.

Basket toss

A basket toss is when a flyer is thrown high in the air and she can do different skills such as a toe touch, full, or tuck depending on what level the team is.


A cupie can be done in a group or with a single base, also known as a coed stunt. In a group it is when they have the flyer in extension with their feet together while in a coed stunt it is when the base has the flyer on one hand with her feet together.


Usually the end of a routine, the dance is composed of motions and dance moves.


An extension is a stunt where the flyer is in the air and the bases have their arms extended all the way.


A full is in tumbling or in stunting. In tumbling it is when they layout but also are twisting once then in stunting it is when they cradle and the flyer twists once.

Grand Champions

Grand champion is the best award one can get. It is when you not only win your division but also the entire competition, you have the overall highest score.

Heel stretch

A heel stretch is when the flyer is in a liberty and is holding her foot in her hand.


An inversion is a couple different things. It is a body position where the flyers foot is above her waist. It is a stunt where the flyer is swung around toward the mat. And it is a stunt where the flyer bends down and is caught by her bases.


Jumps are toe touches, pikes, hurdlers and herkies. They are usually done in a row and followed by some kind of standing tumbling.

Kick full

A kick full is a basket or tumbling skill. In a basket it is when the flyer is thrown in the air and kicks her foot up then twists. In tumbling is at the end of the tumbling pass the cheerleader will kick then twist their body.


A liberty is a stunt where the flyer is on one foot.


Mini’s a division in cheerleading for ages eight years and younger.

National Cheerleading Association (NCA)

NCA is, as stated by Varsity.com, “the world’s most original cheerleading company”. They host cheerleading camps but also hold one of the biggest cheerleading competitions of the year in Dallas, Texas.


An open cheerleading team is usually consisted of mostly adults. It is sometimes even called the Adult Division. For level five it is for ages 14 and up and for level six it is for ages 17 and up.


A pike is a type of jump where the cheerleader’s legs are completely together.

Queen of the Nile

Queen of the Nile is a cheer competition by Varsity held in Orlando, Florida.


A routine in cheerleading is usually two minutes and 30 second consisted of tumbling, jumps, stunts, a pyramid, a dance and for school usually a cheer.


Stunts either have a side base, main base, backspot and flyer or sometimes it just has two bases and a flyer or just one base and a flyer. The main base is to the right of the flyer, the side base is to the left of the flyer and the backspot is behind the flyer. They then put the flyer in the air and do many different things such as tick-tocks, baskets, liberty’s, etc.


A tick-tock is a stunt where the flyer switches fit in the air.

U.S. All Star Federation (USASF)

USASF is essentially the “president” of cheerleading. They choose the age groups, the rules and run The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds.


For school cheer varsity is the cheer squad meant for the girls/boys that got the top scores at tryouts. It is also a brand that runs competitions, camps, and has cheerleading wear.


The Cheerleading Worlds is the biggest cheer competition a cheerleader can go to. Whoever wins Worlds is essentially the best team in the world for their division until the next Worlds. Teams can go to Worlds by going to competitions that offer bids and then winning them.


An X-out is in tumbling and a basket. As stumbling pass, the cheerleader layouts but then in the middle makes an X with their body and then lands with their feet together. As a basket it is when the flyer is thrown in the air and makes and X with her body.


Youth is another division of cheerleading for ages 11 years and younger.


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