The Next Bachelor was Just Revealed and Everyone is Freaking Out

Early Tuesday morning on September 4, 2018, the Bachelor 2019 was announced and is none other than... Colton Underwood. Third times a charm right?

Underwood posted this photo revealing that he was going to be the next Bachelor and said it was "time to find a wife."

While there are some fans who are excited that Underwood is the next bachelor, many are furious at ABC's choice. Fans took to Twitter to express their annoyance about the reveal. One tweeted, "#TheBachelor asks "who do you want to be the next bachelor?" The world says, Jason! Blake! Peter! The Bachelor: "here's Colton!"


Many fans were hoping Jason Tartick, who came in fourth on Becca's season of The Bachelorette, would be the next Bachelor and were extremely disappointed when they found out it was Underwood. A fan took to Twitter to say, "Okay no offense but someone needs to be fired because Jason isn't the Bachelor."

Despite some being unhappy, there are many who can't wait for the next season. Underwood struggled to find love during his time on the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. He explored relationships with both Becca Kufrin and Tia Booth, but each ended in him being single and heartbroken. Many fans feel it is his last chance at love and are happy he is getting the opportunity.

Also, Underwood has been shown endless support from previous Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants. His former fling, Tia Booth, went to Twitter to share her thoughts, "Congratulations @Colt3FIVE I hope your season is full of protein powder, puppies, and naps!" Jason Tartick also said, "Colton is a class act, generous man, and hell of a friend. So happy for you brotha! Let the Bachelor Party Planning commence!"

So, are you happy with ABC's choice to make Colton Underwood the next Bachelor? Or were you hoping it would be Jason, Blake, or even Peter?

The next season is set to air January 7, 2019, and, in the words of Chris Harrison, it is going to be the most dramatic season yet.


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