From the title of this article, you might think my boyfriend lives 680 miles away. You thought correctly because he does, in fact, live 680 miles away. Don't worry, the activities that I will mention in this article don't need to be specific to that amount of miles. So with that being said, if your special someone lives a good chunk of miles away you should be doing these things to make life a little less boring.

I'm not even going to mention snap chatting because that's a given thing to do. Facetime is also a pretty obvious thing, but if you want to be a little goofy just randomly facetime your boyfriend and stick your tongue out and then hang up immediately. It sounds dumb, but trust me it's fun, I would know. It leaves them wondering why you did such a thing.

If you want to get even goofier, just start emailing each other. Type out a formal email expressing your love and send it their way. Texting doesn't need to be the only form of communication here, but on the topic of texting, start typing in all caps to each other. This may sound weird, but metaphorically speaking since you are farther away from each other than a lot of other couples you'll need to text louder. Kooky, I know, but it's fun. Something even kookier is if you just so happen to be connected with each other on LinkedIn, why not send a message on there every once and awhile. However, make it professional because messaging your significant other was not what it was made for.

Aside from all those shenanigans, there are a lot of sincere things you can do. Sending a care package every once in a while is an amazing thing. It doesn't matter what it's filled with because whatever it is it's filled with love. Also, a super fun thing to do it mail letters to each other. I know, super old-school, but also super heartfelt. Receiving a letter with a return address that has your significant others name on it really makes your heart start to race. Before you open it you wonder what words they could have poured out onto a piece of paper and what words you'll say back. It's really a great thing that I wish everyone would do, no matter the distance.

One more great thing to do together is talk about the next time you're going to see each other. Not even just the next time, maybe the next few times. Plan some fun things to do together and just keep talking about it. The amazing thing with these types of relationships is that there will always be something to look forward to. The goodbyes are hard of course, but you will always have the next trip to each other to look forward to. There are fun things to do with each other no matter how far or close. Take my advice on this!