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Though texting is intended to make communication easier, it actually often complicates social exchanges to the point of miscommunication. It seems that the lack of tone, physical expression, and verbal personality are more important than our society realizes, since those factors are absent when texting. We appear to need more context than our devices allow. So, it is the responsibility of the users of the device to decipher each other's words. Fortunately, these are some ways to text that require minimal elaboration and explanation.

1. Greeting Text


It is important, and just polite, to start a text conversation with a greeting. A "Hey," "Good Morning," or "Hi" is simple enough to start. Of course, there needs to be more to follow, but just texting a greeting is a polite gesture and sets an inviting foundation to the discussion that is to come.

2. Keep A Texting Pace


The back and forth texts should have a rhythm. Ideally, there should not be a long wait between each text once the first exchange has occurred. Think of it as talking to that person face to face. It is weird, and sometimes disrespectful to just not acknowledge what someone has said to you in-person, so in those predicaments we often respond in some form or fashion. The same should occur when texting, unless you preface that you are slightly preoccupied.

3. No Bubbles


While you are texting, the other person could see bubbles if they have the conversation open on their device. This means the other person knows you saw their text, and is expecting you to respond. So, if you do not respond, it may be perceived as rude or may lead them to believe that you do not like how the conversation is going. If you started texting during a conversation, you should complete that text. If you need more time to think your thoughts through, just say that. Saying something like "Let me think about that a bit, and get right back to you" goes a long way for the other person.

4. Moderate Amount of Emojis


Emojis and emoticons are great, because it tries to address your reaction to the other person on what they shared or said. However, one can overdo it. If you go through your texts and think you used a lot of emojis, then you probably used a lot of emojis. And sometimes it is okay to say "That was funny" instead of using a laughing emoji. Also, emojis are prescribed features on your device, so an overuse can come off as if you do not have an original thought. Keep that in mind when relying upon emojis to capture all of your reactions.

5. Limit Short Responses


If you are trying to demonstrate interest in what this person has to say, then contribute to the conversation. Offer more than just a "yes" or an "lol" to the dialogue. Text a bit more, and provide substance for the other person to jump off of.

6. Ask Follow-up Questions


It is always good to ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation focused and relevant. The other person will appreciate it, for it helps them with what they will say next. And besides, these questions help you get to know each other further.

7. Try Grammar


Some people avoid grammar in their text, because they do not want the exchange to be formal. But, a lack of proper grammar can confuse or trip the other person up when they are just trying to interpret what was said. Since the person is not directly in front of you, they cannot read your mind or be aware of any inflection or tone. And though those things are still difficult to capture with grammar, it helps.

8. Farewell Or Plan


It is important to end a conversation properly if you are indeed interested in this person. For a farewell you can say, "Thanks for ending my day with a good laugh, I hope you have a goodnight." For a plan you can say, "What are you doing tomorrow? I would like to pick up this conversation over coffee." The point is to avoid leaving the other person hanging. And sometimes people fall asleep unexpectedly, so wrapping the conversation while you are still alert signals to the other person that you do like them and want to talk more.

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