If you're a single person past the age of 20, people start to feel bad for you and may even worry about you. It seems that whenever things don't work out with a guy I went out with, or when anything relatively negative happens in reference to my love life, all of my friends rush to my aid to bolster me. They act like it's the absolute end of the world and assume my heart is completely broken and think I've lost all faith in men and hope for romance.


Sentiments such as:

"You'll find someone else!"

"You deserve better than him!"

"You don't need a man!"

And countless others are offered in an attempt to cheer me up. Don't get me wrong, their intentions are good, but they are unnecessary because I truly mean I'm okay when I say "I'm okay."


Of course, I get a little sad when things don't work out after I've put effort into pursuing someone, but that doesn't mean I've lost all hope. In times like these, all I ask from my friends is comfort and love because I already know the advice they'll give. Not only do I know the advice they will give, but I also know that things didn't work out with me and said man for a reason. And, whatever reason that may be, it was a good reason and I will trust that things not working out was for the best.

Do not think because things didn't work out with some guy, that I've lost all faith in men and hope for the future. Do not think because I am single at 20-years-old that I am sad about being single. I am a realistic and reasonable person, and I know that someday I will meet the man I am supposed to be with. I am patient, and I will happily wait if that means getting to, someday, meet someone wonderful.