99 Ways To Make New Year's Eve Interesting
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99 Ways To Make New Year's Eve Interesting

There are a lot of things to do on New Year's Eve that will keep you busy and it doesn't require you to have a date

99 Ways To Make New Year's Eve Interesting

New Year’s Eve, a time where relationships are everything. But what if I told you having a date for New Year’s Eve is overrated? Just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the final day of the year. In fact, there’s a lot of ways you could do without having a boy/girlfriend. So no kisses or affairs necessary in this list because there are a lot of things to do on December 31st where being single is okay.

1. Catch up on your favorite Netflix shows (if you haven't, branch out!)

2. Love football? Watch the bowl games!

3. Write a to-do-list on what you want to accomplish in 2016

4. It's totally fine to spend time with your family

5. Eat a bowl of ice cream (to weep your sorrows or because you want to)

6. Enjoy some delicious food and pray it isn't raw

7. Spend time with your friends

8. Party hard because being single allows you to be a lunatic

9. Pretend you’re making out without embarrassing yourself

10. Create a video of your favorite memories of 2015

11. Listen to the best songs of 2015

12. Don’t listen to horrible songs that came out in 2015 (including the "Nae Nae")

13. Play some video games and rage if you can't beat a mission

14. Make your day better than Lieutenant Dan

15. Do a cinnamon roll hug because you love your friends

16. Any last minute shopping? Do it now or it'll be too late!

17. Save your money for something important

18. Look fancy because you'll never know, you may find your next date

19. Ignore your annoying friends and stay away from them

20. "Just dance! It'll be okay"

21. Ask for forgiveness

22. Go to church because your parents will make you go anyways

23. Have a karaoke night

24. Write a poem about your feelings

25. If you haven't seen the new Star Wars, watch it!

26. Sleep if you have nothing else to do

27. Take a walk and watch the sunset (that’s if there is one)

28. Bury the hatchet with someone so you can stop dwelling about the past issues with a person.

29. Feeling attractive? Go to an EDM party if tickets are still available.

30. Get a haircut or dye your hair

31. Watch some basketball and see them dribble around the court

32. Channel surfing

33. Be courteous, spend time with your pet

34. Post your kitchen creations on Instagram

35. Pour your drink in honor of your homie

36. If the state hasn't banned it already, catch a firework show (sorry Oregon)

37. Host a party

38. Play Cards Against Humanity because you'll learn the importance of pudding

39. Eating fruits and vegetables is good for your soul

40. Read some magazines! Find something dirty and tell your friend about it!

41. Have a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament

42. Do your best Kevin G. and rap!

43. Reunite with your friends

44. "Get Outta Town!"

45. Anything Disney should keep you busy on New Year's Eve

46. Read books

47. Practice your writing skills

48. Eat junk food until you can't do it anymore

49. Be creative and decorate

50. "I want to ride my bicycle"

51. Don't be a couch potato, get a job!

52. Apply to your dream college to further improve your writing skills

53. Bowling is still fun (unless your trophy breaks - skip the video to 3:30)

54. Jam out to some metal...

55. Take care of your toddler

56. Play flag football

57. Avoid the "Psycho" videos because who really cares about McJuggerNuggets

58. Be thankful on surviving another year

59. Beer pong

60. Watch YouTube’s memorable videos of 2015

61. Clean your room for once

62. Do some laundry

63. Maybe it’s the right time to quit bad habits

64. Want to stay fit? Then exercise dang it!

65. Burn school papers that you will never need

66. Make fun of John Cena’s wrestling abilities

67. Remember Jeff Gordon’s career

68. Increase the odds on the two college football playoff games by creating a game with your friends!

69. Go to a foreign country

70. Be a minion for a day because why the hell not

71. Learn how to play an instrument

72. Create a music playlist

73. Drink beer, Stone Cold style

74. Get your homework done to avoid procrastination

75. Motivate yourself by reading inspiring quotes

76. If you haven’t got rid of your Christmas decorations, now is the right time

77. Skate with class and elegance

78. Let your feelings out

79. It's December, shave!

80. If you’re saying “new year, new me,” stick with it!

81. A campfire to cap off the year

82. Act weird

83. Sell your stuff! Admit it, you have stuff that you don't need.

84. Really consider who you want to vote for next year's Presidential Elections

85. Take pictures

86. Spend time by yourself

87. Have a movie marathon

88. Polish tables and light some candles for the couple that's visiting your house

89. Have a bath with rose petals

90. Be a designated driver, you will have a drunk friend that needs help

91. Tell your loved ones why they matter

92. Play some board games

93. Go to a concert

94. Play some pool

95. Stay out of trouble

96. Fill up your tank

97. Help someone out to make NYE a memorable one

98. Make a photo collage

99. You have a life, do something!

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