9 Tips to Avoid Spring End-of-Semesteritis
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9 Tips to Avoid Spring End-of-Semesteritis

It’s about that point in the year y’all…*insert Semisonic song “Closing Time” here*

9 Tips to Avoid Spring End-of-Semesteritis

The conclusion of the year is quickly approaching but in the slowest manner possible. The struggle is so real. You are near the finish line, but so drained from the semester and year, in general, that you’re just ready for it to be over... NOW. Then, just when you think you have a moment to breathe, everything speeds up again because finals are right around the corner. Senioritis in high school is nothing compared to Spring End-of-Semesteritis. At least in high school, there is room to slack off a bit with Senioritis. In college, there is no wiggle room for that, the slightest crumble towards the end and you will collapse. All that hard work throughout the semester down the drain because you just wanted it to be over.

We can not have you all failing, now can we? Us college students have to stick together and support one another so that we all prevail. Remember who the true enemies are: professors. They hold the ticket out of this black hole where the outside world of time seems to stop while we’re here. College is practically the definition of living dead.

Try observing some of the students stumbling down the sidewalks at 8 am in the morning. I’m certain I cannot tell the difference between zombie and humans. All jokes aside, never fear. I have compiled some tips to get you through this difficult time to keep you motivated to keep going with your studies and get out of bed for classes.

Listen to Motivational Music

Even if you’re in a bad mood, a hype song or some promising lyrics can put you in a positive mood instantly. Music has a way of making you match the feeling of that song with the lyrics no matter what mood you’re in. Nothing gets you ready to tackle anything like say “Eye of the Tiger”.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

I cannot stress this one enough. It is so important to be getting a proper night’s rest during this period, more so than the rest of the semester. You’re already groggy because you’re ready for the year to be over, you don’t want to be groggy about lack of sleep too. I know it’s difficult to get a good night’s rest when in college, but your body and 8 am future you will thank you for the sleep.

Plan for Down-Time

If you plan to have downtime for a nap or just to relax because the pressure is making you fold, plan it into your schedule. Know your habits. If you know you get burnt out around the evening time, plan your homework and studying around the downtime so you get your work done, but also give yourself time to relax without having to play catch up.

Get Ahead with Assignments

No last minute essays and such allowed. If you get the bulk of your assignments done ahead of time, everything else seems to fall into place a lot easier. Stress is relieved, more time for relaxing, and a proper night’s sleep. This is not to say to get ahead and do nothing for days, this is to say, to give yourself a breather or a way to just take a personal day without feeling swamped the next day in work to do.

Study Outside Your Bedroom

The bedroom can be a dangerous place for a few. Especially, if you live in a dorm. The idea of working away on an assignment and seeing your bed just a couple of feet away calling to you may get you trapped into taking too many or extremely long naps. Surrounding your environment with other people studying will keep you motivated to study as well.

Visit the Gym

It may not be true for all, but the gym seems to perform wonders for your energy. After going to the gym, I feel ready to zoom through assignments, take another lap, and change the world all in 24 hours. Okay, so that last one may not be totally true, but I definitely recommend the gym for a burst of energy to get your brain functioning through the day.

Consume More Superfoods

Your diet is another element that can keep you down in the dumps at this point in time. Your consumption of certain foods will not only improve your feeling but your overall health as well. Superfoods allow your body fully effective by providing a plethora of nutrients when eaten. Some superfoods include grapes, blueberries, oranges, bananas, almonds, dark chocolate, salmon, eggs, broccoli, and avocado; just to name a few.

Get a Mom-Friend

When I say mom-friend, I really mean true friend. This is because a true friend would not allow you to fail and would encourage you to get your act together. Find a friend or even just a classmate that will help you keep each other in check and getting studies done. They will check in on you or meet up for study dates to ACTUALLY work.

Take a Break

Or you’ll go insane. Everyone needs a break here and there to rejuvenate. Just don’t overdo the break or you’ll never go back to work.

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