9 Things I Will Never Do Again, Now That I'm Older

I believe that regret has no place in a healthy and fulfilling life.

I actively try not to regret things on a daily basis. I know at some point we've all done something we regret. Even so, there are some things I've done that I will never do again. Some of these are silly, here is a list of things that I will never do again.

I apologize in advance for the double negatives.

1. Not care about what I eat.

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Basically, I will always care about what I eat. I am not the perfect picture of health, nor do I pretend to be. I did go through a period where I didn't really care about what I ate or focus on it too much, as most teenagers and college students do. I've tried to be more health conscious and limit certain items in my diet, like dairy. I found that I just feel better when I do.

2. Not wear rain boots when it's raining.

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Basically, I will always wear rain boots. For a long time, I went without rain boots. Once I experienced running across campus in the rain without an umbrella or rainboots while carrying Chipotle; from that point on I will always wear rain boots when it rains. Wet shoes and feet are the actual worst.

3. Not pay attention to where my money goes.

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In college and before I didn't really budget or watch where my money was going. When you don't pay attention, money just disappears. Never again will I let this happen!

4. Fly in coach on an eight hour plus flight.

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This one is honestly mostly wishful thinking. I would love to always fly in first class. Planes are just uncomfortable. If I have enough money and plan for travel, you bet I'll fly first class.

5. Shame myself or anyone else for feelings experienced.

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I have never intentionally shamed myself or someone else for their actions or feelings, but I'm sure it's happened nonetheless. I just want to strive to be a better listening ear without making people feel ashamed. It's the quickest way to disconnect with people.

6. Waste time doing activities that don't matter to me.

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I've done some activities before that have honestly not really made me very happy. I am more selective now about how I choose to spend my time, even though I still stay incredibly busy. I want to spend my time productively and happily.

7. Wash my sheets once every couple months.

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In college, I didn't wash my sheets that often. Looking back, I'm horrified by this. Now I wash my sheets at least once every two weeks- and probably more like once a week! I'm obsessive about it now. It's just nice to sleep in clean sheets.

8. Wait to go to the doctor.

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There are times when I've had a skin rash that I thought would get better, and it didn't. Every treatment I tried is what I ended up being told not to do. I tried to go to the doctor, but by the time I tried to go I couldn't get in for a couple weeks. It's just not worth waiting, especially when you just want to feel better.

9. Not write down my thoughts.

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I feel so much better when I actually write down my thoughts. It's how I process things.

I'm sure everyone comes to realizations sometimes about things that they never want to do again. Growing as a person is a process, and I just want to strive to be better every day. What are you vowing to never do again?

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