9 Things To Do To Control Your Anxiety

Coping with anxiety is never easy. Sometimes, it comes on suddenly and with no explanation at all. Sometimes, you get anxious about the smallest thing and it just continues to bother you despite focusing on anything but that. Sometimes, it is this constant pressure in your chest that makes you want to curl up and not deal with the world. Trust me, I get it. Coping with my anxiety has been a constant battle and sometimes I just can’t find anything to make it go away. But more often than not, one of these things on this list has worked for me and I really hope it can work for one of you.

1. Try Yoga

Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your anxiety. Not only is yoga good for your body, but it can also calm the mind.

2. Focus on your breathing

Sometimes when your anxiety skyrockets, so does your heart rate. Focusing on your breathing can help lower your heart rate and it allows you to focus on one thing, your breathing. Try following this gif.

3. Take a nap

Whenever my anxiety gets really bad, I sleep. Sleep is the one thing that lets your brain rest from the racing thoughts and can calm you down.

4. Hit the gym

Get those healthy endorphins going. This can help you feel like you are in a better mood and can make it easier to relax.

5. Read a book

Reading can help you calm down, that’s why so many people read before bed. When you read a fiction book, you focus on the reality of the characters and not on your reality.

6. Talk to someone

Talking to someone and getting everything off your chest can make you feel less anxious. Call up your mom, your dad, your best friend, or whoever can make you feel more calm.

7. Take a hot bath or shower

Taking a bath with lavender soap or Epsom salts can help relax you when you get anxious. Sometimes, the hot water is enough to let your tight muscles relax and help you breathe.

8. Listen to music

Try listening to soothing music. This helps you feel more relaxed and can help with meditation and remaining calm.

9. Go for a drive

If you are like me, driving is one of the best ways I can clear my head. Being able to just focus on the road and let my thoughts go is how I relax. Singing along to the radio helps, too.

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