Nine Reasons Why We All Need A Furry Friend In Our Lives
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Nine Reasons Why We All Need A Furry Friend In Our Lives

Some reasons why we need a furry friend in our life.

Nine Reasons Why We All Need A Furry Friend In Our Lives

Being an owner to a pet can be a struggle because we have to balance work, school, family and our pets' schedules such as eating times, their daily playtime, grooming time and taking them outside for a walk. But having a furry friend has so many benefits to our physical and mental health. For example, having a pet helps relieve stress in your life. Your pet can distract you from all the ups and downs you're going through by snuggling with you at night, even though they sometimes take the whole bed away from you. Many people aren't aware they need to give their pets attention every day, but it's needed for their health. Some pets' behavior may change if you don't give them enough attention daily. Also, if you adopt a pet, don't just adopt t and just throw it outside. I've witnessed this so many times in my city. You're neglecting an animal by doing this to them because they end up back in the shelter or even worse; bad people get them or they might even be killed by a car. By having a pet you have a source of comfort. You make new friends because more people want to have social interaction with people who have pets. You have a sense of being secure in your house and being out and about. When you own a pet, you're now its new mother/father. You have a responsibility. It's like having a small child. They always want attention and food, and you have to give it to them. Sometimes pets can be irritating or distracting to us when we're busy with something, but we will always love our furry friend no matter what.

1. They help reduce stress and anxiety.

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By having pets, they help reduce the anxiety and stress you induce at work or at school. They're there for you no matter what.

2. They bring joy and happiness to our lives.

Whenever you're down, you can count on your furry friend to support you by giving you cuddles.

3. A new addition to the family.

They aren't only a pet, they are family. You're bringing a new addition to the family. They will always be in your heart and memories.

4. It provides a source of entertainment in the house.

When you lose power or internet, your pet is there to give entertainment. Go play with them; throw a ball or run around with them!

5. You're responsible for it.

Your basically the caregiver of your furry friend. You're responsible for giving them their needs: baths, food and love.

6. It teaches you to be more compassionate.

By having a pet, it teaches you to be compassionate to not only your family, but people out in your community.

7. An extra layer of protection.

They provide a sense of security. For example, if you don't feel safe in your house, your dog can be your protector!

8. More exercise.

Your furry friend, especially a dog, requires you to take them out for a walk daily. You can even go out for a jog with them. They will love it!

9. More social interactions.

Because you have a pet, your friends and family will want to come over more not only to see you, but your furry friend as well! So get ready.

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