Villanova may be the home of an amazing business school, an even better basketball team, prestigious alumni (including the creators of the Life Is Good brand and KIND Bars), world class faculty and innovative, hard working students, it is really the little things that make Villanova a special school. We may have the statistics and polls to prove we are an outstanding school, but what sets us a part from the others is the feeling you get walking around campus that can't be experienced anywhere else. Here are nine things that make Villanova unique.

1. The Corr Hall Bells

Not only do these bells keep me on track and allow me to know when I am running late for class, they provide a pleasant back round noise to the usual ambiance of campus. I love sitting in my bed with the windows open and hearing the bell-version of the alma mater played across campus.

2. Everyone Holds The Door

This is such a Villanova thing. I have literally turned around and apologized to the person behind me for not holding the door because I didn't know they were there. It becomes so natural that you'll feel slightly offended if someone doesn't hold to door.

3. Seeing Father Peter On Campus

Father Peter, the president of Villanova, is his own kind of celebrity. Seeing him around campus is always a special moment and will definitely be shared with my friends over an all-caps text.

4. Sitting Around The Oreo

When it is nice out, you can find about half the student body sitting around and enjoying the warm weather right in the center of campus. It is hard to describe the feeling you get but honestly it is just nice to see everyone enjoying themselves and the warm weather, especially after the cold winter.

5. Rosie's Mug

Situated right next to the train station, Rosie's is a Villanova favorite. They have everything from delicious iced coffees, smoothies, flavored hot chocolates, acai bowls, pastries, muffins and so much more. I also love walking by and seeing the sign out front featuring their new menu item and a funny pun to go along with it.

6. Anthony's Party Rentals

Okay, this isn't really something cool or unique but if you go to Villanova you understand how integral Anthony's Party Rentals is to the school. Basically, whenever there is an event, you'll see an Anthony's Party Rentals truck and most likely some works assembling a tent. Some may think that it would probably be easier just to buy tents for these events, but I would be sad if I never saw Anthony's Party Rentals again.

7. Sunsets By The Church

Some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen occur over Lancaster Ave., but more importantly, the church. There is nothing quite like watching the sky change colors with the church in sight. And of course, it makes for a great classic church pic!

8. Hoops Mania

Hoops Mania is one of the best days of the year. Not only is it the opening of basketball season and you get to watch the team dance and play a short scrimmage, but there is also a performer! This year it was French Montana, but it the past Villanova has had Drake, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. Not many other schools have the school spirit we do, and that definitely shows during Hoops.

9. No One Walks Across The Grass

One weird thing you'll notice about Villanova is that people will take the longer route just to avoid the grass area. It is basically an unspoken rule on campus and the only time it is broken is around Mendel Field.