8 Reasons LeBron James Is Overrated

LeBron James certainly is one of the best basketball players to ever take the court, but is he really in the same league of the true greats? The really great basketball players are labeled as such because they played with class, and had the titles and stat lines to back it up. Here's the problem with LeBron being placed in the pantheon of the greats.

1) He shoots way too much.

By the end of Game 3 of this NBA Finals series, LeBron had missed more shots than Stephen Curry had even attempted. He missed the target on 64 of 107 shots, while Curry, put it up only 63 times total.

2) He whines to the refs about everything.

When has a referee ever responded to a complaining player with "You know what, you're right. My bad," and changed the call?

3) He's a flopper.

Flopping is just a classless and shameful thing to do as a professional athlete.

4) The chalk toss is just so lame.

Did you ever see MJ do something so cheesy? No, you didn't.

5) "The Decision" was a shady move.

He couldn't win a title in Cleveland, his "home," so he moved to South Beach. How convenient.

6) He promised Miami how many titles?

Rather than sticking to his guns and overcoming adversity, he tucks his tail between his legs and leaves again.

7) "The Return" was an even shadier move.

He got spanked by the Spurs in the 2014 NBA Finals and had the nerve to come back to Cleveland after hanging them out to dry. Bold move, but a shady move no doubt.

8) No one was fooled by the headband.

It's basketball, not a fashion contest. Own your receding hairline instead of making it painfully obvious that you're embarrassed by it. But whatever you do, don't get hair plugs. Oh, wait...

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