8 Reasons Why Being A Student Athlete is Awesome

8 Reasons Why Being A Student Athlete is Awesome

While you dont have as much time to yourself, it is completely worth it.

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Last year when I came to New Paltz, I truly had no idea how it would feel to be a student athlete. I knew it would be busy and I knew it would be very different from high school. Nights before moving to college, I was worried of how my teammates would be and how much the workload would be. Looking back on it now, I never had anything to worry about, which these 8 reasons will sum up perfectly.

1. Your teammates will be the best friends you can ever ask for on and off the field.

Its a true brotherhood

2. The workload can be very stressful but you will have plenty of time to get your work done.

3. Road trips and getting to see a lot of new areas is really exciting and fun.

4. It teaches you how to be a responsible person on and off the field.

Homework on road trips is not fun, but must be done.

5. It is an absolute privilege to represent your school and compete against rival schools.

6. Gives you a chance to connect with other fellow student athletes.

7. May help build a connection with a professor who may watch your team play.

Getting that A will look good on the GPA!

8. Creating memories and forming a forever bond with your teammates.

After last year, I know for a fact that I will always have an unbreakable bond with all of my teammates because they truly are family to me.

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