75 Truths Of A Travel Softball Player's Summer

75 Truths Of A Travel Softball Player's Summer

To the summers filled with softball

A lot of athletes play softball, but only a select few devote their passion to the game by playing travel. Travel is a new world that pushes you to your very limits. Some fold and others concur but all players can relate to the 75 truths below!

1.The hotels are actually more exciting than playing.

2. Your jersey colors matter.

3. "On Sunday, we wear black."

4. You've spent more nights in hotels that any of your friends.

5. Using the classic, "I can't I'm at softball," for every invite until you stop being invited all together.

6. Playing at 10 a.m. is a blessing from God.

7. "Win Saturday to sleep in on Sunday."

8. You have to look good, to feel good, to play good.

9. Fourth of July has a whole different meaning to softball deprived individuals.

10. Spending hundreds of dollars a summer on tournament shirts only for them to join the hundreds of others in the drawer.

11. Washing your pants in the hotel sink.

12. Everyone assuming you're a lesbian.

13. There is no creature in the world crazier than a softball parent.

14. You can rule the world with a new bat.

15. Living off of fast food and concession stands.

16. The face you make when boys complain about a double header when you can play four games in a day: easy.

17. Naps in the shade between games.

18. Leave your cheers in 14U.

19. High school ball is like a three month warm up.

20. Unevenly gaining muscle in your dominate arm.

21. Tan lines...classic.

22. Secretly always wanting to be fast enough to slap.

23. There is no pitch count in softball...you pitch until your arm falls off.

24. If your pants aren't dirty, you probably didn't do much.

25. Having enough water bottles in your bag to cure third world country's clean water problems.

26. Trying to wear a cute dress and realizing your legs look like they have been through World War III.

27. So. Many. Sunflower. Seeds.

28. Having the hotel open breakfast early because you have to be at field before it opens.

29. Until you've played in 105 degree weather in pants: don't tell me how hot it is.

30. The sound of metal cleats on a hard surface (heart eye emoji).

31. Team dinners.

32. Bloody knees.

33. The smell of sunscreen and hot dogs in the air.

34. Sliding so much you rip a hole in the butt.

35. "Good game, good game, screw you, good game."

36. Pin trading at nationals.

37. Choosing nationals at Myrtle Beach...well, because of the beach.

38. Watching 100 teams be eliminated on a Sunday and your team is still playing.

39. Wearing your cleats into a store and whiping out on the floor.

40. Playing teams that speak different languages.

41. Asking everyone you come across, "So where are you from?"

42. Then answer said question by referencing the nearest big city.

43. When every game is a 1-0 nail biter.

44. Tailgating and cook outs.

45. Playing Friday through Sunday and practicing Tuesday and Thursday .

46. Making the drinking motion with you hand to your parents to signal that your in need of some more H2O.

47. Getting out and not making eye contact with your parents.

48. Silent car rides home after a poor performance.

49. Just because a team matches down to their cleats doesn't mean they can play softball.

50. Hotel beds are actually horrible.

51. We apologize to the hotel staff for the number we do to the free breakfast before a game.

52. Wearing big bows in your hair but always meaning business.

53. Everyone wanting that perfect long ponytail.

54. Missing your friends' graduation parties.

55. Arguing to death that softball is not easier than baseball.

56. The adrenaline rush with two strikes on you.

57. The feeling of a cold shower to wash away the dirt, sweat, and sunscreen of three games.

58. The roar of the parents after a bad call.

59. The pride that comes from wining all the pool play games.

60. You find your self correcting other's skills at every level: professional to little league it doesn't matter.

61. Play while shaking is difficult when you have 10 colleges watching your every move.

62. But the relief that comes from decided on a college and no longer having to showcase yourself.

63. Making sure to check out the local mall at every new city.

64. Feeling the wind from the bat as the opponent swing at the change up.

65. Being able to play a seven inning game in under an hour.

66. But suffering through the games that seem to drag.

67. Everyone knows you as the "crazy softball girl."

68. But no one wants to mess with you.

69. Picking off a runner at third...well, any base for the matter.

70. Throwing out a girl at second. DON'T MESS WITH OUR CATCHER.

71. White uniforms are a blessing and curse.

72. Hitting on your teammates' brothers because those are the only guys you come across in the summer.

73. Don't underestimate a team that wears hats.

74. No amount of sunscreen can protect you.

75. As much of pain it is sometimes, you will miss lacing up your spikes and walking on to a field still covered in dew.

I no longer play softball, but as I'm sitting watching my brother follow in my foot steps I can't help but miss it. You will never forget who you played with and the journey travel ball took you on. Just as you would at bat, live your life like its a 3-1 count. Swing for the stars

Cover Image Credit: BryansLions.com

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The Universal Love Of Soccer

Wrapped up in the beauty of a sport.

As a kid, I remember my parents signing me, along with my older siblings, up for a recreational soccer league. They enrolled us in a multitude of different activities as well, from dance to tennis to martial arts. But little did I know that I would later find myself coming back to soccer in my middle school years where I played for about two years on an Athena A travel league, and would later find myself in high school not being able to go a week without kicking or at least juggling the ball for a couple of minutes a day. Even though I no longer play for a competitive travel league and have instead picked up a passion for running, I still find myself loving the beauty behind the sport itself. If you’ve never played the sport before or are on the verge of giving it a try, these perks of the sport prove that soccer is the world's language for people of all ages and is mending the world's diversity through the love of one simple team sport.

1. Location is never an excuse.

When it comes to playing a game or just playing by yourself, you can pretty much find anywhere to kick. Other sports, like tennis, have to be played in its specific location -- on a tennis court -- and although some sports can technically be replicated in other areas, it’s not the most fitting as soccer is in just about any place. I remember being on vacation in Mexico one summer, and playing soccer with complete strangers who I’d never met before, on the beach, using random sticks we found to create markings for two goal posts and kicking barefoot on the sand. Whether it’s in the middle of the street in your neighborhood or at an actual soccer park, you can find pretty much anywhere to start a pickup game with anyone.

2. Accessibility

Whereas other sports require a ton of equipment, soccer is beautiful in its simplicity. Although some sports, such as football also follow this “simplicity rule” of just needing a ball and you’re good, the majority of other sports don’t carry the same way. For example, in volleyball, it’s difficult to play the sport without a net, which is unlikely to be randomly carrying around, or in basketball without a hoop. Soccer is one of the simplest sports to play, with only truly requiring one piece of equipment, a ball, if you just want to pass with other people or train by yourself.

3. Learnability

Whereas many sports ential complicated rules, soccer is universally much easier to understand how to play. Because there aren’t constricting positions in a pickup game, anyone can shoot or defend at any time or have fun doing anything in between. Other sports, such as football or basketball, that have more rules than soccer make the game harder to learn for anyone, whether they’re little kids or adults. Soccer isn’t a sport that requires for all players to be able to speak the same language either -- body language is key in the sport, to communicate with other players on a simpler and universal basis.

4. Weather permitting

The aspect I probably love most about soccer is that it can be played just about anywhere. Whether it’s an indoor league, outside on a hot summer day or in the pouring rain on muddy grass, the sport is always enjoyable in just about any circumstance. Because many parks are switching from grass to turf fields, this makes it much easier to play on a reliably flat surface, whereas other sports, such as tennis require a non-rainy day.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Why It's Still Great To Be a Georgia Bulldog

Last Monday was rough.

Yeah. So that happened.

It felt like the entire season was a dream. An incredible takeover in South Bend and a win over Notre Dame. Shutting out Tennessee. A loss to Auburn, and then a revenge win and an SEC Championship title. A stress-inducing win in double overtime at the Rose Bowl against Oklahoma.

A national championship game against Alabama. A nail-biting overtime. And then...

It's over. Just like that.

It can be hard with football to grasp the suddenness of the moment, the finality of a game-winning touchdown or a crucial missed call. There's no going back; the final score is the final score, the winner is the winner, and the losing team is left to pick up the pieces. For the fans of the team that comes up short, more specifically Georgia fans, a loss like the one we all experienced Monday night can feel like someone has ripped our hearts out. Because that's our team down on that field, on that screen, and when they hurt, we hurt, too. With a loss like this, it's easy to lose hope in not just our football team, but our university.

However, even though I and the rest of Bulldog Nation was seriously hurting during that game, I came to realize a few things about my school.

We are so positive all the time and it truly inspires me. Yes, it felt like the energy was sucked out of Athens the moment the game ended, but the day after, we still welcomed our team home with crowds of hundreds of fans and posters saying, "Still Proud!" At this institution, even if you come up short, even if you fail, it's okay. It's a part of the process: a building block, if you will. Find another solution. Find another way.

It feels like a family in Athens, Georgia. Even cheering for our dawgs in the National Championship felt like I was cheering for my local high school football team: there's a small town feel to this school and you can definitely sense it. So when we lost, we felt the loss collectively.

Finally, I realized that I never want to be at any other school other than the University of Georgia. Say what you will about our loss being in "typical Georgia" fashion, but there is a special air about this place that screams anything but "losers". It screams success and drive. It screams passion. Most importantly, it screams love.

So yeah, Monday sucked. But it is an incredible time to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Cover Image Credit: StadiumDB

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