7 Ways to Relax With a Stressful Schedule
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7 Ways to Relax With a Stressful Schedule

When overloaded with work and activities, here are a few ways I destress

7 Ways to Relax With a Stressful Schedule

I knew how busy this semester was going to be. I spent the four months of summer in attempt to mentally prepare for my 21 credit schedule and heavy club involvement. I knew it was coming; I knew it would be difficult. This thought has not prevented me for diving head first into the countless hours of classwork and other various tasks I must complete daily. Perhaps, “belly flop” would be a better term for how I landed in a swamp of never ending stress and anxiety.

When I’m not attending a club meeting, attending class or doing homework, I am either eating, sleeping, or attempting to go to the gym. This goes on for what feels like an eternity until I hit Friday and I can finally relax for an hour or two. Then I begin studying and continue through the weekend. Come Monday, the cycle begins again.

I have found various ways to destress even when I do not have time to relax:

1) I always put effort into my appearance.

Even if it means I have to wake up a little earlier, I always spend time putting together a semi decent outfit and applying makeup. This makes me feel more put together and ready to face the day.

2) I listen to the radio station from home.

As I get ready for classes I put in my earbuds and listen to a station from home on the iHeart Radio app. This reminds me of long car rides to high school with my little sister in the passenger seat, laughing our heads off listening to the hilarious hosts and jamming out to whatever song they were playing in that moment.

3) I always eat three meals a day.

Homework and sleep make skipping meals far too convenient, but the more stressful the schedule, the more fuel the body needs. Some days, breakfast is easy to forget, but I have extra food in my dorm room just in case. Eating Ramen for breakfast is better than not eating anything.

4) I confide in friends.

If I need to rant about my schedule, the weather, or even the tiniest of inconveniences, they are there to listen for many of them are going through the exact same thing. Knowing I am not alone in my struggle of a semester helps tremendously.

5) I attend club meetings.

Although a few of my friends think I waste too much time focusing on clubs, they are a great way to reduce my stress. For example, outdoor club goes on hikes on the weekends. These hikes get me outside, help me blow off steam, and relax in a natural setting.

6) I listen to music while doing homework.

This calms my nerves and helps me to keep a little more focused. The music must be a slow tempo and quiet to prevent from distractions. A good rule of thumb is to listen to the same playlist every time to go into homework mode every time it’s played.

7) I exercise whenever I can.

Staying active and releasing energy are great ways to feel better throughout the week.

I will somehow manage to survive this semester, and I hope this helps others in my position.

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