While I'm sure there are a million other types of exes you could come up with, these are the seven that I've noticed the most either in my own life or in my friends' relationships.

1. The salty ex


This is the ex who texts you all the time, but it's always something petty. He can't stop talking about you but also "doesn't care that you guys broke up and is completely fine," sees you at a bar and makes a move on every female in a five-mile radius. Run. He probably has a ridiculous insecurity complex and feels the need to serial-date someone to make himself feel better.

2. The psycho ex


This is the ex who stalks your location on Snapchat, randomly shows up everywhere that you are, sends you creepy texts... this is the one who still texts you like four years after you break up and still tries to flex about his new girlfriend. I have one message for exes like this: GET A LIFE!

3. The depressed ex


These type of exes are the worst... they're the ones who text you at all hours saying they can't go on without you and they're just lost without you. Many times, they turn into one of the ex types described above. While it's completely reasonable to be upset after a relationship ends, you don't need to let the whole world know that your world is falling apart.

4. The angry ex


This ex is SCARY. He's the type to get blackout drunk and yell at you. Avoid this one at all costs. Do not text, do not make contact, block him if necessary, just don't associate with him. It's safer and better for you in the long run, trust me.

5. The friendly ex


This is probably the best type to have. You guys are still friends, you can be in the same room without killing each other and you're both happy for the other that you broke up in a nice way. Heck, maybe you can even introduce your new boo to him without fearing for your, or his, life.

6. The ex who's always trying to get back together


This is the one who texts you about just trying to "grab food" or "do some homework." That's not at all what he's trying to do: He realized he messed up, and he's trying to win you back. Be careful about this one. There's a reason you guys ended things, but maybe you could work things out.

7. The ex you hate but your parents love


EVERYONE has an ex like this: the one who was super nice to your parents but not you. Obviously, he has no chance of getting back with you, but it's still annoying to hear about him two years after you guys broke up at Thanksgiving dinner. No, Grandma, I haven't talked to him and no, I don't plan to.

While there are many, many types of exes, there's one thing they all have in common: they're exes!