7 Lessons "High School Musical" Taught Us about High School
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7 Lessons "High School Musical" Taught Us about High School

Don't let the crowd stop you from doing something that isn't exactly popular or something that's considered lame or stupid.

7 Lessons "High School Musical" Taught Us about High School

As much as we all hate to think about it (some of us more than others), high was a period in our lives that we all had to go through or are currently going through. It's a time of always wanting to do the "cool thing" and blend in, when in reality we should have been standing out, which our childhood Disney movie taught us all. Here's 7 lessons High School Musical taught us about high school.

1. Do what you love to do.

During my high school years, I was on my high school's flagline. My freshman year, I loved it, however, after my sophomore year, I didn't want to do it anymore. I let my desire for a Varsity patch get in the way, and continued doing it. To this day, I wish I had quit.There were so many other things I could have done and loved more than that: clubs I wanted to try out and other extra-curricular activities I could have enjoyed. If you truly want to quit a sport, and think you would benefit from it, quit. I know it's not an everyday thing to hear that; as student we are encouraged to stick with our activities because "it'll be a good experience", but if you're miserable and are being bullied to do it, it's probably not your thing.

2. Don't let the crowd stop you.

High School Musical definitely taught us this lesson in our prime times, but it's a good lesson nonetheless. Don't let the crowd stop you from doing something that isn't exactly popular or something that's considered lame or stupid. Not everyone is an athlete: there are dancers, singers, musicians, actors, and painters who walk up the hallways with you every day. If your talented and love sing, join chorus. If you love acting, join drama club. Don't let the fear of being rejected by the in-crowd stop you.

3. Be (extra) kind.

We all think that making a joke about that girl's lisp is really funny and totally not harmful considering she's never going to know you said anything to her, but what do other people think about us when we joke like that? What kind of person does that make us? From the outside looking in, we look like bullies. What about when we gossip about those girls we really don't like? Doesn't that make us as awful as them? From my experience, being kind and listening more than you talk has done wonders for me. Never participate or say much in a conversation that's about someone. Rumor ALWAYS gets back to them, and you don't want your name in the mix of it. Plus, as an added bonus, people tend to think more of others who are kind to everyone. They feel more comfortable around them and can easily talk to them.

4. Be social.

Go to prom, participate in homecoming week and all its festivities, and go to at least one of every sporting event (yep, even tennis). Now I'm not saying use bad judgement and go to parties where there are not good things going on. Senior year is full of activities that your school hosts in order to make your senior year memorable, so participate! Make new friends and enjoy the last times with old friends. Hang out in the parking lot after school and talk, volunteer at a school function, go TP houses during homecoming week, and DON'T sign up for classes that all of your friends are in. Take a leap of faith.

5. Don't take all Honors/AP classes.

If you cannot handle the course load, and it's hurting your GPA something serious, don't take an honors or AP class. There are always a few exception to this, such as if the college you're planning on attending looks at the types of classes you've taken. Other than that, most colleges only look at your GPA and SAT scores. The best part is you can still be an Honor Graduate (if that's what you're pushing for) and not have to take all or any honors classes. It's all about the courses themselves that you take, and it sure beats staying up and stressing all year long. For more information and what the qualifications are for Honor Graduate, or for acceptance into your dream college, contact your high school counselor and the admissions office of your desired university.

6. Love yourself.

On a more serious note, everyone in high school is so worried about looking the part: looking and dressing a certain way in order to be accepted. Honestly, that is ridiculous. Who wrote out a handbook of what is considered cool or not cool? Once you're out of high school, nobody is going to remember that day on August 21 when you rushed into school straight out of bed with no time to wash your hair or dress up. It's high school, people. Your hair color, race, choice of shoes, or weight don't defy who you are as a person. It's your heart, and your actions, that matter.

7. Stand up for yourself.

This is pretty self-explanatory, but nonetheless, never ever let people run you over or walk over you. Never let them get away with spreading a rumor about you or hurting your feelings. Now don't go bad mouth them, because that's just as bad as what they're doing. Go to them and talk to them kindly, and call them out face to face. Our generation is not used to being responsible for the words we say and our actions, so when they are confronted, it takes them by surprise. Never let someone continuously hurt you. Standing up for yourself makes you a stronger person in the long run.

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