I didn't have to buy gifts for boys until high school. I really struggled to try to figure out what they would like the most. I spent a lot of time dedicated to scouring Pinterest in pursuit of the perfect gifts. This is my go-to list for "Gifts For Him".

1. Zombie Survival Kit


Everybody loves a good apocalypse movie, so why not make it a present for that special loved one? As a result of the rise of shows and movies like The Walking Dead, Z Nation, and World War Z, this gift is sure to bring that relationship back to life.

2. 5 Senses Box


Want to capture his attention? Afraid giving too many or too little gifts? This idea sets a sensible cap on the number of presents to give him which can provide you with several options.

3. Color Box


Does your man have a favorite color? Fill up a box with cute items dedicated to that color. It's aesthetically-pleasing and puts no limit on how many gifts to shower him with.

4. Give him gifts each month.


Want to maximize your gifts? Give him one each month! Cater to different holidays and curate a year full of fun.

5. "Open When"


This cute DIY will always have you on his mind. It will give him little glimpses of how much you care for him!

Movie Night


Make the perfect movie night box for you and your man. Include your favorite snacks and drinks for a movie marathon weekend.

Exploding Box


Personalize this elaborate DIY box for him. Glue in your picture-perfect moments and write sweet notes for him to enjoy. It's the gift that keeps on giving!