6 Ways To Lose Weight If You're Lazy

6 Ways To Lose Weight If You're Lazy

Ultimately, your health needs should be somewhat tailored to your own body.

Summer is here which means if you're anything like me, you have copious amounts of free time. While this free time is probably used going to the pool or hanging out with your friends, maybe you’ve been thinking about using some of that time to go to the gym and lose that weight you gained over the course of the school year. Going to the gym and starting a new health routine can be a little daunting, especially if you’re not motivated. If that’s the case, here are some tips to help you get yourself to the gym and get in shape:

1. Drink lots of water

Make sure to drink plenty of water during the day to keep you hydrated and energized. Drinking water before a meal can fill you up as well and make it less likely for you to overeat.

2. Make working out fun

If going to the gym by yourself intimidates you, find a friend who's willing to go with you! If the gym really isn't your thing, find other ways to exercise that excite you. Whether it’s a hot yoga class you’ve been eyeing for months, or going for a run outside, there are so many ways to get your exercise in for the day.

3. Track your meals

If you're trying to lose weight, tracking your meals is a good way to monitor your success. Apps like MyFitnessPal and Lifesum let you track your meals and keep up with your exercise. Keeping up with these kinds of apps can help you stay focused which means you're more likely to reach your goals.

4. Don’t cut things out

Even though you want to lose weight, you're still human. Don’t deny yourself food; listen to your body. If you really want that piece of chocolate or a handful of Cheetos, go for it. If you don't, you're just going to overcompensate and eat more of something else later.

5. Eat less

Try not to limit yourself too much. Trying to eat healthily can be difficult, especially if you’re living at home and the rest of your family isn't willing to change their eating habits. If you find yourself in that situation, try to eat less. I’m not saying that you should starve yourself, but start off with a smaller portion and wait awhile before you go in for seconds. More often than not, you’ll find yourself full and won’t need that extra helping.

6. No scale victories

If you’re on a fitness journey, try not to stay focused on the scale. Weekly weigh-ins might discourage you rather than pushing you forward. Instead, you might want to focus on no scale victories. Those victories might include things like being able to fit into shorts you haven't been able to wear in months or having something not fit anymore because it’s too big. Focus on how you want to feel rather how much you weigh.

7. Listen to your body

Try to figure out what makes you overeat or skip meals. Once you’ve figured that out, you can start creating better eating habits, which will ultimately help you lose weight and feel better.

These are just some things that I’ve learned from trying to lose weight myself, and I realize that everybody is different. Ultimately, your health needs should be somewhat tailored to your own body, but hopefully, some of these tips can be helpful for your fitness journey!

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3 Tips To Make Your Mornings Amazing

Become the morning person you've always hated.

I'm a morning person.

It's not unusual for gasps of horror, shock, and disgust to follow after I make this proclamation aloud. I mean, a college student that wakes up with a spring in her step instead of being surrounded by a shadow of doom and despair? Rare indeed. Many people think that I was born loving the a.m. but I actually decided to become a creature of the morning while I was in high school. How does one 'become a morning person,' you ask? Well, it's simple really...

1. Wake Up Early

I know, I know. This is the most obvious, frustrating thing to you that I could've written but it's true. Before I committed to improving my relationship with the morning, I would wake up with just enough time to shower, dress, and eat breakfast. I would run to school and feel entirely worn out before I had even completed an assignment. This routine made my mornings hectic and it felt like I never had time to slow down.

I eventually became fed up with the constant hurry and began setting my alarm incrementally earlier everyday. The first morning, I woke up five minutes earlier than usual, then ten minutes earlier, and so on until I had two hours of free time in the morning before school. Not two hours of getting ready and eating breakfast but two hours of just being. It was incredible because my mornings became so much more peaceful and that feeling carried through a good chunk of the day. Waking up earlier also gave me time to...

2. Write Morning Pages

I don't know about you, but about ten seconds after waking up and checking the time on my phone, my brain explodes with words:

Why did I just dream about someone I've never talked to?

I have so much work to do today.

What's for breakfast?

That thing I said in class yesterday was so weird.

It's super distracting to get ready for my day while thinking about that word I completely botched the pronunciation of in French class the day before. The best way to get unwelcome thoughts out of your head is to put them on paper. Morning pages are a popular phenomenon among writers but you don't have to be Jane Austen to incorporate morning pages into your routine. Simply find a piece of paper, a pen, and write whatever comes to your head, stream-of-conscious style. It doesn't have to make sense or be "beautiful." The only strict rules: write before you do anything else in the morning, don't go back and correct mistakes, and don't contemplate the perfect way to word something. These pages are for you and you only. So, the morning after you read this, write your thoughts down and experience more clarity of mind.

3. No Early Morning Social Media

I'm not one to completely bash social media. I love the connections that it makes between strangers and the joy it brings to my day (mostly in the form of cute cat videos and cringy memes). Though I appreciate the upsides of social media, I'm not blind to the negative effect it can have on one's state of mind. Websites like Twitter and Facebook are often used by people to vent their frustrations and bring notice to important but distressing social situations. For those of us that are especially ruled by our emotions, one sad internet story can put a real downer on our day.

One way to still get your Instagram fix without letting our world's turbulent social climate completely ruin your mood is to wait to use social media after your morning routine is complete. Having a clear mind in the morning makes a world of difference for the rest of the day. It allows us to feel about an hour or two of calm before we have to deal with reality and our daily To-Do lists. Of course, it's vital to stay up-to-date on the news and the struggles that people face everyday but it's equally important that you allow yourself the benefit of self-care.

You won't be singing morning songs with the birds after one day of trying these three tips but you will likely notice a difference in your peace of mind. Morning sets the tone for the rest of your day so it deserves to be great.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels.com

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111 Thoughts You Have When Your Heart Rate Hits 111 BPM After One Flight Of Stairs

The best part is when you can't catch your breath for 15 minutes afterward.

Everyone knows the feeling of walking up a flight of stairs and immediately getting winded. It sucks, and yet we continue to torture ourselves by taking the stairs. I personally hate walking up the stairs and having to gasp for breath. But I consistently walk up the stairs. And every time I get up to my fourth-floor dorm room, I tell myself I will never do that again.

Well... I don't listen to that.

I think everyone who understands this feeling of pain, has thought at least one of the following thougths.

1. "Why did I take the stairs?"

2. "I do this every time, and I always regret it."

3. "I really need to start working out."

4. "Am I the only one that gets this winded?"

5. "I can't be, right?"

6. "My legs hurt."

7. "It's really hot in this stairwell."

8. "Oh, crap, someone's coming. I need to slow my breathing."

9. "That could have been embarrassing."

10. "How can people take the stairs two at a time and be fine?"

11. "Why am I gasping for breath?"

12. "Thank God I don't live on the fourth floor."

13. "I should take the elevator next time."

14. "Or every time."

15. "Am I really this out of shape?"

16. "I'm so tired."

17. "I should take a nap. I deserve it."

18. "I hope no one can hear how shaky my breathing is."

19. "Ah, who cares? They saw me walk out of the stairwell."

20. "They probably understand."

21. "…right?"

22. "How do people do this every day?"

23. "Everything hurts."

24. "Did I turn my essay in last night?"

25. "I don't think I'll ever be able to breathe normally again."

26. "This is the most intense workout I've done in months.

27. "Maybe if I listen to music next time, it'll be better."

28. "Probably not, but I can dream."

29. "Why are stairs a thing?"

30. "This is pure torture."

31. "I just have to push through."

32. "It'll be over soon."

33. "Why is my heart beating so fast?"

34. "It was only one flight."

35. "My heart rate cannot be that high."

36. "Can it?"

37. "Even over sixteen steps?"

38. "I really need to work out then."

39. "I gotta build up my resistance."

40. "Is it bad that I need a drink of water?"

41. "Yeah, probably."

42. "I really need to start drinking more water."

43. "Maybe that's why I'm so out of breath."

44. "I'm not properly hydrated."

45. "Or the fact that I have the body of a potato."

46. "There better be some Chipotle after this flight of stairs."

47. "Why am I so sweaty?"

48. "I didn't even move that much."

49. "I just need to distract my mind."

50. "Then it won't be as bad."

51. "I have so many shows I need to watch on Netflix."

52. "I should really try to read more books."

53. *thinks of a compilation of Vine references*

54. "I have so much homework."

55. "When is that exam?"

56. "How have I not reached the top of the stairs yet?"

57. "This is like climbing the tallest mountain range."

58. *gasps for breath*

59. "Did I eat lunch today?"

60. "Wait, what time even is it?"

61. *remembers the dog I saw this morning*

62. "Do I have any more classes today?"

63. "I can't wait to go to bed tonight."

64. "I should call my parents later today."

65. "When was the last time I talked to them?"

66. "Has it really been that long?"

67. "What am I doing this weekend?"

68. "I can't wait to not set an alarm for Saturday morning."

69. "What homework do I absolutely have to do this weekend?"

70. "Am I even going to have time for relaxing?"

71. "Probably not."

72. "Any time I'm relaxing, it's procrastination in disguise."

73. "I really need to read my textbooks."

74. "Why am I so bad at keeping up with them?"

75. "I should get Starbucks."

76. "I could use some caffeine."

77. "But then I'll be up even later than normal."

78. "Well, sleep is for the weak."

79. "I'll just take a nap tomorrow."

80. "I could use a nap now."

81. "Would anyone judge me if I just took a nap here?"

82. "I could use a five-hour energy right about now."

83. "My backpack is getting heavier with every step."

84. "My thighs are burning."

85. "Do I have my computer charger?"

86. "Where did I put my phone?"

87. "Oh, it was in my pocket."

88. "When will the snow stop falling?"

89. "I'm over winter."

90. "I just want it to be spring break."

91. "How is spring break only three weeks away?"

92. "It feels like the semester just started."

93. "These stairs are not getting any easier."

94. "I miss my pets."

95. "I need to go shopping."

96. "I could use some new socks."

97. "I should look on Amazon."

98. "But then I'll be scrolling for hours."

99. "Maybe I'll wait to go in person."

100. "It'll be easier then."

101. "I should eat a salad."

102. "But chicken nuggets are so good."

103. "This is why I get winded so easily."

104. "I need to eat better."

105. "Easier said than done, I guess."

106. "I'm in the home stretch."

107. "Just a few more steps."

108. "Why is this the most difficult part of this whole climb?"

109. "I feel like a marathon runner crossing the finishing line."

110. "I made it."

111. "It wasn't that bad I guess. I might be able to do it again tomorrow. Maybe."

Cover Image Credit: NBC Universal

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