We all like to party sometimes. But nobody else should be better at taking care of us than ourselves! Whether you’ll be drinking or not, here are some ways to stay safe while still enjoying your night.

1. Buddy system!

This is probably one you’ve heard since kindergarten, but for a good reason. It’s always helpful to have someone with you in case something goes wrong or you get lost. This goes for the whole night, even when heading home. It’s better to stick with your buddy. Also, be sure that you're buddy isn’t in the habit of wandering off by themselves with no warning.

2. Be a Good Sam (Good Samaritan).

Going along with the buddy system, remember the Good Sam policy. Don’t leave your friend if they are drunk or passed out because it could mean their life is at stake. Make sure to call for help if your friend needs it, even if one or both of you are underage! If your friend is clammy, nauseous, forgetting how to walk, or all three, it's time to be concerned.

3. Plan ahead.

Have the number of a cab or an emergency contact in case your friends are AWOL and you’re stranded. Also have some emergency cash for a cab or other things you might need. Walking home alone in the dark is probably not a risk you want to take. Make sure you have your phone, keys and ID, and maybe throw in a few extra things like bandages in case of injury.

4. Know your limits.

This tip seems simple enough, but this is one of the most important. Just because your friends might drink a lot, doesn’t mean you have to. You will all have different tolerance levels. Try to be aware of how you feel after a drink and decide whether it’s a good idea to drink more. If you don’t drink but want to fool the other tipsy party-goers, bring some flavored water, juice or soda along with you. But good friends won’t mind if you don’t drink!

5. Check the weather.

If it’s raining and windy out, it’s probably not a great idea to walk long distances. Alcohol may make you feel warmer, but it actually lowers your body temperature. Try not to spend too much time outside if you’re not dressed for the weather. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

6. Food is your best friend.

If you choose to drink, or even if you don’t, eating a well-balanced meal beforehand is pretty smart. You’re more likely to be sick from drinking on an empty stomach, and any walking or dancing you might do will certainly burn calories. It would also be smart to pack a few healthy snacks in case you start to feel queasy. Sitting down, drinking some water and having a snack can do wonders for your uneasy stomach.