6 Rupi Kaur Poems Every Teenage Girl Needs To Read
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6 Rupi Kaur Poems Every Teenage Girl Needs To Read

"And here you are living, despite it all"

6 Rupi Kaur Poems Every Teenage Girl Needs To Read
Rupi Kaur

As a teenage girl, it would be an understatement to say life is tough sometimes.

Life is like an emotional roller coaster, one minute everything is fine, and suddenly, everything can change in just a minute. It could be the drama, the heartbreak or the war us women fight against a close-minded society. I found myself thinking about such plights that we face in today's world, keeping me up at night or always deeply reflecting during those extra long showers. It wasn't until sometime last January that I stumbled upon a couple poems on Pinterest. At first sight, you'll see simple drawings on a plain white background, nothing too fancy.

However, the words that were written changed everything for me. The poems truly embody the phrase "words have power". Rupi Kaur is an Indian writer, poet and illustrator whose writing concerns themes of violence, abuse, love, loss and femininity in today's world. Here are 8 out of the many wonderful works of Kaur that inspired and changed the way a teenage girl like me looks at the world.

1. A girl has everything she needs within herself

What really reached out to me in this poem is the fact that us girls feel like we're always lacking that one thing to becoming truly "perfect", and it's all because of society's image of women. When will girls our age understand that we are enough the way that we stand now? Never change yourself for someone or their opinions of what you should be. You were born into this world beautiful, strong and intelligent, and that's what you will always be no matter what.

2. Your body is not his home

Just the poem itself strikes me, but what I find most beautiful about it all is the illustration. Often us girls and others are guilty of complaining about the hair growing back on their legs, and how shaving has become first priority. What we fail to realize however is that, just like animals everywhere, humans (yes, women included) are all part of nature, and that what we take for as disgusting and messy is a normal part of life. So next time someone tries to tell you about the hair on your legs or arms, let them know, that your body is not a home for them, and the only person that needs to feel comfortable and happy within it is you.

3. The mountain

If there was one poem that impacted me the most, it was this one. I hear stories each day about wonderful women in history and present-day that create change and leave an unforgettable legacy, and I tell myself that I want to make a change in the world too. Because just like these women continue to be role models for young girls today, I wish to stand on the same mountain of respect that they left their marks on one day...

4. A woman's war

Because nowadays, suddenly it's become cool and funny to make fun and taunt others' bodies. Every once in a while you will hear someone say "she's so fat" or "girl has no ass". As women, we should stick with each other and show love and respect towards all despite their size, shape, color or assets. Our fights shouldn't land on others' bodies but rather on defending them from those who do not understand that beauty never looks the same on two different people.

5. More than pretty

I love this poem because it really shows that sometimes when society looks at women, the first thing they see is how attractive she is, and they fail to realize that girls are more than what's on the outside. You are more than just the size of your jeans or the way that you wear your hair. Behind every girl, there is a resilient, strong women.

6. Words become knives

Last but not least, I really look up to this poem. As a teenage girl, drama and gossip are constantly around me. What I find important is that the minute you stop taking remarks and opinions about you personally is the day you become indestructible. Only you hold the power to giving others importance in your life. Kaur communicates this flawlessly through the metaphor that words kill like knives, if you give them the power to cut yourself.

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