As Valentine’s Day approaches, I can’t help but acknowledge how happy I am to be single. While the comfort of a boyfriend is sweet, I feel like I am much better off without it – here’s why:

1. I don’t have to dress up….. Ever.

I can leave my room wearing no makeup, sweatpants, and the largest t-shirt on the market without having to worry about the approval of anyone important.

2. I can, however, look incredible if I'm feelin' myself.

I can pile on the makeup and wear the cutest outfit ever without having a boyfriend to be protective and worried about what his friends will think.

3.I can do whatever I want whenever I want to with whoever I want to do it with.

One of the most exciting parts of college is being on your own. I can hangout with the girls without a boy worried about what I'm doing while I'm away from him.

4.All of my decisions are based solely on what I want to do.

I have no one to answer to or to work around. My plans for the future and life choices are made for me and not based on what my boyfriend thinks or is planning to do.

5.I am spending my time on lifelong friendships.

While it's definitely possible that my freshman boyfriend will be my husband, it is unlikely. I don't want to waste the best years of my life on someone who will be in my life for a few months and then be out of it. I get to spend my time with my besties that will be by my side forever.

6.I won't be sad about a broken heart.

A heart can't be broken unless it is given to someone. Most boys aren't ready for that responsibility yet. Would you your best china to a toddler?

Let freedom ring! Freshman year has been and continues to provide the most fun that I have ever had. I have made tons of new friends and laughed more than ever before. I am soooo happy for those of you in a happy relationship, but I couldn't resist reflecting on some reasons why I am not.