There are often times in where you have a crush and sometimes you just need a sign to tell you that yes, he may like you too. Well trust me, I've been in a spot in where I wasn't entirely sure my crush would be into me and I would go to my best friend for dating advice.

Well, for the next few minutes, I'm here to be that best friend.

1. He gives low-key hints

Guys almost never want to be the first to say they like someone, so they will do the next best thing which is to flirt. Their flirting can be as subtle as giving you compliments often or checking up on how your day has been. They may even try to make you laugh by telling you some bad jokes or showing you the latest memes.

2. He wants to hang out often and more than normal

If he is wanting to hang out, it may be simply because he likes your company or he is hoping to get to know more about you. If he gets closer to you while you're out chatting it up, it may be a sign that he wants more than just a friendship.

3. He points his body towards you

Often whenever a guy is into someone, they tend to point their body towards you. Whether that be their feet, or legs, they will do everything in their power to look at you/be facing you.

4. He texts you often

He will most likely text you first. If he is the shy type, it may help to text him first (just not ALL the time). If he doesn't make any effort to try and speak to you, it may be a sign that he only wants to be friends. One may truly never know because men can be as hard to read as women.

5. He makes direct eye contact

This one can be tricky because people tend to be shy around the person they have a crush on, and so they may back away from making direct eye contact. I can personally relate to this because whenever I feel like me and my crush have been staring at each other for too long, I start to feel awkward. And so then my instinct is to look a different way to break the awkwardness.

6. He asks a lot of questions

Usually, if a guy is interested, he will start to ask a lot of questions. These questions can go anywhere from asking about yourself to your family to what your favorite movie is. His intention here is to get to know you better and often, if it all goes well, you may get to know each other over a simple date such as over a cup of coffee.

Whatever happens, I hope whoever you are crushing on goes from being a crush to being in a relationship. Don't rush for commitment if he isn't ready for it; it just means he may not be the one for you at this present time.