1. The way the sun shines through your window in the early morning.

2. That first sip of coffee.

3. Walking to class on a beautiful day.

4. Running into an old friend while out & about.

5. Laughing with your friends about what you did over the weekend.

6. Dinner with your best friends.

7. To-do lists written in pretty handwriting. Such an aesthetic.

8. Giving your skin a break from makeup.

9. When your favorite song comes on shuffle.

10. Late-night talks with someone you care about.

11. Spontaneous adventures.

12. Looking through pictures of your dog (and other people's puppers).

13. Your favorite sports team winning in OT.

14. That first bite of your favorite meal.

15. Watching your favorite movie to rewind after a long week.

16. Tight hugs.

17. Writing the very last sentence of a long paper.

18. Long runs.

19. Rainy movie nights.

20. A summer night baseball game.

21. A long, cool shower after a beach day.

22. Getting the perfect tan.

23. A Netflix marathon at the end of the day.

24. Surprise extensions on long assignments.

25. Listening to a new album (and loving it).

26. Getting ready for what you know will be a fun night out.

27. Sipping on your favorite drink while getting ready.

28. Cute, candid photographs of you and friends.

29. Summer rain.

30. A long, slow kiss.

31. A beautiful sunset.