50 Things You Need To Know As An Incoming College Freshman
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50 Things You Need To Know As An Incoming College Freshman

Advice that goes beyond "Don't take 8AM's"

50 Things You Need To Know As An Incoming College Freshman
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Having just wrapped up my Freshmen year of college, I have learned a lot. I have a lot of friends going into their Freshmen year this year, and here are all of the things that I tell them (that I wish someone would have told me!) about what is likely to be one of the best years of their life:

1. Embrace the Freshmen 15

2. Embrace coffee

3. Always carry an umbrella, a phone charger, some form of Tylenol, $10, and cheap headphones on you

4. If it's raining, share your umbrella (It's polite and you'll make friends!)

5. Seek out friends beyond your major

6. Go to your professors' office hours at least once

7. Read your textbooks! (Sure, you can probably get by without them, but then you're paying thousands of dollars to not get an education...think about that!)

8. Find your beer limit, and limit it at frat parties

9. Know all the places that offer student discounts

10. Your student ID photo will look horrible no matter what, but being well rested and wearing a little more makeup the day of doesn't hurt

11. The golden rule to securing a great GPA: come to campus at least an hour early, and stay at least an hour late

12. If you have a dreaded 8AM, turn your phone off during class and sit up front

13. Having "days off", or days where you don't have any classes at all, isn't all that it's cracked up to be

14. "Beer before liquor gets you sicker, liquor before beer and you're in the clear"

15. ...But really try to avoid liquor

16. Text your parents and FaceTime your siblings and little cousins daily

17. Take tons of pictures (even when you think you look ugly)

18. Use coconut oil

19. Put your phone on "Do Not Disturb" when you go to bed

20. Gatorade is a must for hangovers...along with extra strength Tylenol, sunglasses, and a good face wash

21. Always have two friends (one preferably being an English major) look over any paper that you turn in

22. Write every draft possible on Google Docs to avoid losing any work

23. Read every draft out loud before turning it in (this sounds stupid but is a life saver)

24. When it comes to condoms, DON'T put two on (and more need-to-know information that won't make you a young parent)

25. Find out your school's security number, save it in your contact list and have it on speed dial

26. Wait until the next morning to put any party candids on Instagram

27. This sounds obvious, but don't put anything on your Snapchat Story drunk

28. Start a group chat with friends in the same class as you or other first year students

29. Utilize the "Find My Friends" app when you and your friends go out for the night

30. The sooner that you memorize your student ID, the better

31. Always make small talk and be polite to shuttle drivers, cafeteria workers, janitors, and coffee shop cashiers (Try to learn their names if you can, too)

32. Invest in a good backpack, laptop, and winter coat

33. Go stingy on pens, index cards, and folders

34. Going to a party where you "need to know" someone? Name drop John, Bob, or Jack (or any other common white guy names)

35. Make at least one friend who is the same stature/size as you (and swap/share clothes with them often)

36. A guaranteed way to make friends is to make small talk in the bathroom line at parties

37. Know that depression and anxiety in college students is common, educate yourself and never hesitate to reach out to one of your school's counsellors

38. Wear a watch

39. The last two to three weeks of the semester are always the hardest, power through them

40. It can be very hard at times, but don't skip class

41. The minute that you have a scratchy throat or start feeling sick in any way, go to your school's Doctor or to a Med Express or Minute Clinic

42. September 29th is National (Free) Coffee Day, take advantage of it

43. It sounds lame, but try to memorize a school map before you set foot on campus

44. Check your email (only) once a day

45. Understand student loans

46. Sneakers, basic t-shirt's, and one nice outfit (preferably including a blazer) should always be in your closet

47. Utilize your school library

48. Be aware of the "dying family member" or "death of a family member" excuses for extending deadlines or missing class, but, seriously, try not to use them

49. Make at least one best friend of the opposite sex that you have no intention of sleeping with (and that has no intention of sleeping with you, either)

50. If you can help it, don't have a relationship in college—in the wise words of this girl, remember that you applied for college, not a boyfriend

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