5 Ways To Achieve Your New Years And Semester Goals

5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals This New Year And Semester

Resolutions are known for never sticking but try these tips!


We all have goals and ideas of how we want to change our daily habits, and these are things we think about the most when the New Year begins. I hope these tips can help you bring those goals to fruition!

Make Sure Your Goals Are Realistic!

When the New Year comes around, we all have all these hopes and expectations for ourselves that may not be the most realistic and can end up causing more harm than good. In order to avoid this, you should take a look at your resolutions and turn them into smaller, more achievable goals. In the end, that will feel better and help boost your confidence to tackle bigger goals when the time comes!

Set "Do" Dates!

After you figure out what your goals are, set up a date by when you want to achieve each of your goals. Remember, be realistic about your "do" dates. By having a physical day/time, it makes it easier for step 3, which is planning!

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Using a planner has been the biggest helper in my first semester of college. I normally make my schedule for the week on Sundays and I try to keep my planner out and next to me as often as I can. Multicolored pens are also very helpful when planning because certain colors can represent certain priorities and the colors help you to see what to attend to first.

Accountability (Use The Buddy System)!

By telling your goals to a sibling, best friend and/or significant other, you are letting them hold you accountable to your own goals. And maybe, some of their goals might align with yours, which might be an opportunity to tackle the goal together!

Use Positive Affirmations!

I used to feel like I needed 100 different affirmations; one for every scenario that could possibly occur, but then I realized that I just needed to find one that could give me the strength and confidence I need in situations where I feel weak. I noticed that by having a positive affirmation (or multiple, if that's your thing!), then I feel much more motivated and inclined to succeed in my goals for myself.

Let's all kill it in our Spring semester, as well as 2019!!

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