At the beginning of 2018, you made goals (rather than resolutions you were bound to fail) to embark on in the new year. If you've remarkably been able to keep them up, give yourself a pat on the back for these past six months. Despite working hard to achieve those goals, the summer is now distracting you. Amid summer vacations, family barbecues, or just the urge for a laid-back summer, you've lost track. On the other hand, you may be someone looking to restart up those goals or create some new ones. Regardless of where you may fall and the goal(s) you're trying to achieve, here's a few ways to achieve your goals during the summer months.

1. Reevaluate the goals.

Take the time to choose your goals wisely. Jessica Lewis

If you're having trouble with your goals, it may be time to think them over. There may be too many to achieve at one time and things may need to be down-sized. It's best to pick the goals that are currently achievable with your current circumstance given obligations, time, etc. If the incomplete goals start to build up, you're bound to become negative about them and disregard them all together. Make the goals simple and specific enough for them to be completed and give yourself a reason to feel accomplished. This way you're making progress and building a positive attitude towards future goals.

2. Create a summer schedule.

Use a planner to create the summer schedule. Emma Matthews

This allows yourself to create a time frame that accommodates all of those pesky summer distractions. Write out a schedule that gives you time to do your workout, time for writing, reading, etc. Just make sure to include space for those notorious summer activities. Give yourself time at the beach and the family barbecue without thinking of your tasks and goals. Also, don't beat yourself up! If you don't get something done today, there is always tomorrow (or even the day after)!

3. Take advantage of the breaks.

Relaxing by the pool or outside can leave you refreshed and ready to work. Jesse Schoff

Once again, make room for the fun! Rather, give yourself a double dose of the fun. As a writer, I'll tend to double up on my writing time. From here, I allow myself to have an extra hour of television or an extra day out with my friends. You don't want to leave out the fun time, it'll just harbor resentment towards your goals and make you less likely to do them. Incentives will guide you to building up positive associations with your tasks and goals. The breaks will give you time to get refreshed and be ready to get back on task.

Indulge in that extra summer pop, you deserve it!

4. Combine the summer with your goals.

Bring your work outside. Alfred Leung

Bring your goals into summer style! Take the workout outside and be able to benefit from yoga and a taste of the sun. Pull the desk or canvas outside to work on your projects. You never know, it may be something that becomes apart of the routine when the summer is over! Don't forget the sunscreen!

5. Use technology/apps to keep yourself on track.

Preview of Habitica Aisha Turnquist

We're always used to depending on technology, so use it to benefits in achieving your goals. Put your tasks on your phone or computer's calendar with an alert to remind you.

There are also apps you can use to remind you and have some fun. Habitica provides you with a role-playing experience that allows you to list out the habits and tasks you wish to achieve with its rewards.

6. Share your goals with your family and friends.

Get your family and friends involved in helping you achieve your goals. Alexis Brown

Family and friends can help to support you in achieving your goals. Once they're aware of them, they may become more mindful of not distracting you from your daily tasks. They'll become understanding and possibly willing to plan things around your schedule. Over time, they may become your biggest cheerleader and provide positive reinforcement.

In addition, you may gain a partner in your challenges with working out, saving money, etc. that could lead to fun in your work and achievements.

7. Music.

Pull out the iPod to help finish those tasks Jean

Last, but not least: use music. Music is always a sure way to get you involved in your tasks. If there's one thing that helps me get chores faster is bopping around the house to a good playlist. Just remember to keep the dancing to a minimum.

The most important of all: don't give up! You've made it these far and quitting now would be counterproductive. Trust me, you'll thank yourself as the ball drops into a new year and you can embark on a whole new year of adventures. Balance is always key to anything. After all, the summer is meant to be enjoyed, but you don't have to give up your goals in the meantime.

Good luck!