5 Things You Need To Get Fit In 2017

5 Things You Need To Get Fit In 2017

Sure you could run on the treadmill in your old t-shirt from middle school, but where is the fun in that?


Admit it, most of us need/want to lose weigh in 2017. It’s an ongoing New Year’s resolution that people have year after year. I have found the best way to motivate yourself to keep a resolution is to indulge in buying items that encourage you. For example, if you want to take up yoga in the New Year, you could easily just buy a membership to a yoga studio or you could buy three new outfits and a new yoga mat to get you motivated and excited. Sure it sounds like a money pit, but trust me, after you buy that new pair of Nike sneakers you will definitely want to take them for a spin around the block.

Here are five items that will encourage you to work-out more in the New Year…

1. A new pair of sneakers. This is a must. You cannot work out, whether you’re doing spin classes, cardio, Zumba, or even CrossFit, if you don’t have a good foundation (a.k.a good shoes). These will probably be the most expensive motivation tool, but they will pay off in the end. You don’t need to skimp on these either, a good pair of sneakers can last you 6+ months. Check out these Nike Zoom running sneakers. I have a pair and I adore them. Plus they are on sale! http://bit.ly/2iRmH7u

2. A new sports bra. Another super important item to buy. No matter how big or small you are, having a sports bra that fits you adequately is crucial. I’m sure you can tell the difference between wearing a low impact sports bra and a high impact sports bra. I know you want the girls to be bouncy, but not at the gym. You need a bra that will hold them close and let you jump up and down without any pain. Victoria’s Secret, surprisingly, has the best sports bras ever. I have linked my favorite one, the Strappy Plunge, that I wear probably more than I should. It helps that it comes in cute colors too! http://bit.ly/2iCcCvM

3. New work-out clothes. This is the fun one. I mean sure, you could run on the treadmill in your old t-shirt from middle school and a pair of shorts from summer camp, but where is the fun in that? In order to motivate yourself to go to the gym or drive to that kickboxing class, you need to have a cute outfit to put on. Not to mention, cotton is the worst when you are sweating. I get the whole “Nike Dri-Fit” technology now. I love wearing that material when I am sweating. Here are a pair of Nike Dri-Fit leggings that I always wear to the gym. Now, they are a bit pricey, but I promise you, you will have them for the rest of your life (kind of). Every other pair of leggings that I’ve had (Victoria’s Secret, PINK, and Champion) have gotten holes in them, the Nike ones never have. http://bit.ly/2hBcBX7

4. A new water bottle. Drinking water is essential to losing weight and just being healthy overall. Sometimes it’s hard to calculate how much water you are drinking in a day, unless you want to carry a gallon milk jug around with you everywhere (which, surprise, no one wants to do). I have heard (this is not proven) that you divide your body weight in half (by two) then divide that number by eight and that is how many cups of water you should drink a day. In order to keep track of your water intake get a water bottle like this one http://bit.ly/2hXL2IJ it measures out to a liter and comes in fun colors!

5. Pinterest. This may seem odd or out of place, but is so, so important. Whether or not you have a personal trainer, go to a gym, or even have videos to watch, pinterest will be your guide all the way. Make a board specifically for your healthy life journey. Pin links to healthy food ideas, how to make acai bowls, and what yoga moves to do at night to help you get a better sleep. Pinterest has been my bible for weight loss and health ideas. I learn things on there that I have never learned before. I see recipes that look delicious and I see workouts that I can do in my gym. It answers all questions you have and helps you along the way. It’s free and crucial. Do this before anything else. It will boost your motivation to get back into shape in 2017.

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