5 Shows That Defined Reality TV In The Early 2000s
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5 Shows That Defined Reality TV In The Early 2000s

When reality tv was just getting started and these stars had no idea what they were creating.

5 Shows That Defined Reality TV In The Early 2000s

Most people will agree that the early 2000s were the prime time of reality television. Since reality TV was just getting starting back then, the people creating these shows really didn't have a formula, so it was truly real and amazing. We have some of the most iconic reality tv scenes ever coming out of this era.

Now don't get me wrong, I still love the Kardashians, the new franchises of the Real Housewives, and other reality shows we have today. But something about these shows from back in the day just hits different.

You probably have heard of most of the shows on this list, so enjoy the walk down memory lane. But if for some unholy reason you have not seen one of these shows, you're welcome! Because now you have weekend plans to binge-watch.

1. 'The Simple Life.'


Literally the bible of reality TV. 'The Simple Life' starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie was/is genuinely tv gold. This show ran from 2003-2007 and I wish it was still on today. Paris' signature catchphrase "That's hot." as a reply to any situation cracked viewers up. I actually own all the seasons of 'The Simple Life' on DVD just because of digital warfare and God forbid if computers go down I can still enjoy Paris and Nicole.

2. 'The Hills.'


Hopefully, everyone knows when Lauren Conrad was in high school she was on an MTV show titled 'Laguna Beach,' after high school, she got her own show with some friends titled 'The Hills.' LC went through so much on this show from heartbreaks, drama, to being known as "The girl who didn't go to Paris." Honestly, this scene alone cements this show in tv history, but there was so much more that made this show great.

3. 'Pretty Wild.'


Another legendary reality show, 'Pretty Wild,' followed Alexis Neiers and her family. This show would actually later serve as visual inspiration for scenes in the movie 'The Bling Ring,' a film that dramatized the alleged criminal acts Alexis and her friends committed. This scene has been turned into memes, and people who don't haven't even seen 'Pretty Wild' know about this voicemail fight with Nancy Jo over her Vanity Fair article about Alexis. Alexis Neiers (now Alexis Haines) is one of the top bad b**ches of the 2000s.

4. 'The Girls Next Door.'


Talk about another legendary show, featuring Hugh Hefner and the famous Playboy bunnies, 'The Girls Next Door.' Kendra, Holly, and Bridget were all bunnies who lived at the Playboy Mansion, and who all happened to be dating Hugh. This show was one we were probably all too young to be watching but we were definitely watching it anyways. Justice for these girls because they are seriously the unsung heroes of reality TV.

5. 'My Super Sweet Sixteen.'


MTV's 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' provided so much premium content back in the day. We got to see bratty teenagers, over-indulging parents, and wildly lavish parties. The birthday extravaganzas were crazy, but the kids on it were crazier. Like this time, when Audrey was so livid that her parents gave her a brand new Lexus on her actual birthday instead of the day of her party and honestly I feel that for her.

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