30 Signs You Grew Up In The Early 2000s
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30 Signs You Grew Up In The Early 2000s

Tamagotchis, 'Legends of the Hidden Temple,' and Polly Pockets.

30 Signs You Grew Up In The Early 2000s

If you were born in the late 1990s or early 2000s, here are some things you can definitely relate to:

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1. You had every Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones book

2. You and every other kid in your class had a Tamagotchi

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3. Your internet addiction started off with Webkinz

4. "It's a sight, sight"

5. You weren't cool if you didn't eat off a ZooPals plate

6. Enough was never enough with Littlest Pet Shop

7. You took Polly Pocket with you everywhere

8. Your first crush was definitely one of these three

9. You still remember this episode

10. You thought you were so cool walking around with one of these

11. Still more intense than most video games

12. Hands down best day of school ever

13. Trading Silly Bandz was the equivalent to a drug deal, especially when all of the schools banned them

14. Don't lie, you had one in middle school and you convinced yourself it worked

15. The epitome of fashion: Ashley Tisdale

16. What was a party without Twister?

17. You spent all your allowance at the Scholastic Book Fair

18. You know who these two are

19. You'd kill to be on Legends of the Hidden Temple


21. How you learned to dance

22. This classic

23. You thought you were so technologically advanced

24. You still remember the smell

25. Taking your life into your own hands

26. If you didn't shop here, who WERE you?

27. You begged your parents for this stuff after seeing so many commercials

28. You knew it was about to get good when this came on

29. You personally hold the world record for the fastest spins ever

30. The moment you knew your childhood was over

The nostalgia is real right now. I wouldn't have picked a better time to grow up in. From watching every "High School Musical" to spending countless hours outside, I had the best childhood ever. Here's to all you 2000s kids!

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