5 Reasons To Join A Club Sport
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5 Reasons To Join A Club Sport

5 Reasons To Join A Club Sport
Columbia University

In college, one branch of available activities to join is the club sports. Club sports have many benefits, and with the new semester coming up after break, many teams will be ready to take on new members. So here are five reasons to join a club sports team.

1. You don't have to be athletic!

Even though the whole point is to play a sport, many clubs won't cut you just because you aren't super athletic. Sure, they'll encourage you to get and/or stay in shape, but you won't be banned from playing just because you lack the typical athletic build. In fact, club teams usually don't even have tryouts. That's the whole point of being a club -- inclusion. Also, you don't need to worry too much about not knowing anything about the sport. The more experienced players are there for the love of the sport -- and they'll be happy to teach you what they know.

2. Friends!

What better way to make new friends than to join a sports team? I'm telling you, nothing bonds people together better than getting on the field/court/ice with a common goal: eliminating another team. The celebrations when you win and the united disappointment after a loss all work to bond the members of a team. Also, athletes know how to party. Just sayin'.

3. Exercise!

Let's face it: Exercise does not come easily in college (because no, walking to class every morning does not count). You should probably be taking what opportunities arise to get out and get your blood flowing. No matter what the sport is, running around for an hour is always good for you. And, come on, who actually wants to be sitting inside studying all day?

4. Less pressure than a varsity sport!

The really wonderful thing about club sports is that there are no really serious circumstances that come from not performing well. You aren't relying on the team for a scholarship, and you aren't there as a stepping stone to play professionally. Additionally, there's no conflict between school and sports. In a varsity sport, you are always expected to be at practice, regardless of what's happening in your classes. In a club sport, you are always expected to put school first, which makes it a much less stressful commitment.

5. There's no reason not to!

I have never been an athletic person. However, I have always been competitive, and the best way to expunge the competitive parts of my personality is when I'm playing a sport -- ice hockey, to be specific. It's the least stressful part of my week. I went in at the the beginning of the semester with no idea how the game worked, and now I'm skating like a pro! Actually, that's not true. However, even though I'm still terrible, my team is there supporting me every time I fall down. And to me, that's the most wonderful part.

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