1. Visits

Pro: When they visit it's like you guys were never even separated in the first place. You pick up right where you left off and it is an amazing feeling having your best friend back.

Con: You can't just go over to their house on a bad day or have them hug you in bad times. Sometimes them coming to visit or you going to visit can take months or even years.

2. Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Pro: They're happy and in love and you get to send cute wedding Pins to them. You get to have cute skype meetings with their SO and it's totally adorable!

Cons: They can sometimes get caught up and you don't hear from them as much.

3. Goodbyes

Pros: You know it's not the last and that you two will see each other again in time.

Cons: Your best friend has to go back home and you are gonna miss the late night talks and laughs.

4. Best Friends Back Home

Pros: They aren't completely lonely(or you aren't) and they're happy and making memories!

Cons: You feel forgotten and tossed to the side (even though they still love you 100%)

5. Jobs

Pros: They are making money so they'll be able to visit sooner!

Cons: Jobs take a lot of time from you guys (which is fine, life happens)