1. After a bad day

Personally, when nothing is going my way and I feel hopeless, I find relief in taking some time for myself to escape to dreamland. Although this sounds incredibly passive and most likely not at all a good way to deal with issues, honestly, who cares. It’s nice to take some time to breath and not worry about anything, even if it is only for 20 minutes. I’m not quite saying that napping is a way to deal with problems, but it sure helps to release some stress and revive you.

2. When you’re sad

This goes hand in hand with point number one, napping helps one elude from reality, which is definitely something helpful when you’re dealing with something sad. Dreaming can hopefully produce happy thoughts, and can remind people of happy moments. Plus, what else is there to do when you’re sad? Point given.

3. When you’ve accomplished something

Woohoo! Accomplishments! Here’s the thing with naps, they are suitable for a variety of circumstances, and can impact any emotion. When celebrating something, there is nothing to worry about, and if you had put a lot of work into the specific goal, by the time you achieve it, you’re most likely incredibly exhausted. What better way to bounce into happiness than a refreshing and rebirthing nap?!!

4. When you haven’t accomplished anything

As stated before, naps are good for everything, and this includes every type of emotion. For example, if you’re failing at everything you’re doing and can’t seem to be doing anything right, it’s nice to nap and dream about a better time! You many think this is more depressing than it is, but once again, who needs reality when you can live in your dreams!!

5. When you’re too tired to function

The most important (and accurate) reason for napping: when you are tired. To be frank, in this world, I’m pretty certain that it is impossible for the majority of people to not be tired People are walking zombies who receive around five hours of sleep per night, which is subpar. Yet, if these zombies would take 20 minute power naps, I’m certain that the flip would switch and they would be able to enter the world of being well rested.