5 ideas for a quick winter reboot
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5 ideas for a quick winter reboot

We have collected here five simple ideas for a quick winter reboot, it is an effective way to arrange an express reboot and recover. Use it for your health!

5 ideas for a quick winter reboot

New Years' and holidays are joy and sadness at the same time. On the one hand, you can finally relax, take a breath and start looking forward to a new life period. But this medal usually has a downside: on it, you will be oversaturated with emotions, a complete failure of the regime, and the inability to quickly pull yourself together and return to normal life.

We have collected here five simple, but effective ways to arrange an express reboot and recover. Use it for your health!


Workout Unsplash

Physical activity helps to restore the usual rhythm of life, which in the New Year holidays decreases at times for everyone. Moreover, sport is not even so much for breaking up calories after the New Year's mayonnaise diet, but for producing endorphins and raising vitality.

Go to the gym or swim in the pool, go jogging again (if your city has not been covered with snow up to the knee), work out with fitness for an online lesson or get out to your favorite yoga studio - that's up to your taste.

You can warm up and put your thoughts in order during training in any way. The main thing is not to overdo it - it is better to enter the rhythm after a long weekend without haste and without strain. Keep your workout less intense and longer than usual, but more mindful and thoughtful.

Have a home spa day

Have a home spa day Unsplash

Recovering for some is about a shake-up, and for others, about gentle self-care. If you really don't feel like running, swimming or stretching on the rug, the best solution would be to arrange a day of home beauty treatments. Take a fragrant bath, try new belongings and masks, smear yourself with moisturizing creams - this is an excellent unloading for the skin (after all, it quietly suffered from heavy holiday dishes and glasses of sparkling wine), and for an emotional restart, that's it. And La Roche-Posay EVA cosmetics will be a good gift for yourself for gentle facial care.

A pacified home SPA day is generally an excellent remedy for the stress of a city dweller - remember this more often.

Take a short trip

Take a short trip Google search

Take a short trip

We would not be us if we didn't say that in any incomprehensible situation we need to go somewhere. And in order to restart and tune in to a working mood - too. On such a short journey, you can finally take a break from people (especially if you go to nature), clear your head, and be inspired for new achievements. There are plenty of places to drive to: on a short but busy route around the outskirts of your city, on a nature trail or to a secluded corner, to a winter snow-covered forest or the nearest wildlife sanctuary. Or you can take a ride to your favorite ruins, which you have never seen under the snow, or to a lovely town to see how it was decorated for the holidays. This is usually very inspiring, and on the road many new ideas are often born.

Well, if there is no way to go far, even a walk in the park will do. You will creak with snow, take pictures of trees and maybe even meet a bullfinch! Isn't it a reboot?

Sit down planning the year

A way for those who experience anxiety from being in some kind of transitional moment: last year and the holidays are over, a new period has not yet begun, and the prospects for a year are vague. Dispelling this fog by writing down your Napoleonic plans in a brand new diary is great for jumping into the work track.

There are several dozen different ways to plan the year (don't be lazy to google): you can make entries in a free diary form, use the Bullet journal method, or take notes in special services and applications. Think about what work goals you set for yourself this year, what new you will strive to learn, what else to try yourself in and what to work out from emotional and psychological needs.

Perhaps your main goal for this year is fewer goals? Remember that planning is about listening to yourself and understanding exactly what you would like, and not about inventing the incredible, which makes you even more frustrated. Plan with love for yourself.

Have a day of silence and detox

And detox from everything: food, alcohol, meetings, shopping and gifts, hustle and bustle. Be at home for the first time in all these days. Perhaps you want to do the cleaning and take off the tinsel and jewelry, or go through the stocks in the refrigerator in order to smoothly return to your usual diet, or disassemble the wardrobe to understand that you will no longer wear it in the new year. Household chores really do an excellent job of cleaning your head.

Or maybe you just decide to lie on the couch with a book, watch a smart movie or do handicrafts. The main thing is not to get carried away with social networks and do not drown in news and content - this does not allow you to concentrate on yourself and your personal plans and thoughts.

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