The Lip Reboot
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The Lip Reboot

Beauty Edit: All the fabulous lip products you need this Spring!

The Lip Reboot

We can thank the seasonal gods for pushing out this harsh winter and bringing us our so desired sandal weather. I am not sure about the other beauty gurus out there, but this past season, I dealt with more skin insecurities than ever before. It was a battle of dryness — the worst of them all, my lips. My lips were not only dry and flaky, but they were trying to shed layer after layer, I know, real cute. So, I had no other choice than to toss my drugstore lip balms and find hydrating lip treatments and scrubs to bring back the moisture.

Time to reboot your sore and dry lips from the harsh conditions they were put through this past season. In general, if you have naturally chapped lips, these products are ones to gravitate towards for a smooth and desired pout.

Lip exfoliation is crucial to alleviating dryness. The first step to getting rid of an unwanted crusted lip is a lip scrub. There is nothing worse than being insecure about the dryness of your lips. Whether it's the first date or just wanting your favorite lip color to stay locked throughout the night, it is crucial to remove all dead skin. Removing the flaky skin will allow for a smooth lipstick application and a memorable first kiss, not chappy. For me, my lip savor was trying the new Christian Dior Lip Sugar Scrub ($34). By generously applying the stick, I found my lips were rehydrated and nurtured by this product. It gently exfoliated and moisturized my lips all in one while giving it a tiny bit of shimmer.

I also tried the new lip scrub, Carrot Cake from Lush ($7.95). If you are rooting for a soft lip, Lush's' scrubs are the way to go. This scrub not only exfoliates but offers long-lasting cinnamon and ginger flavors to excite the taste buds! It has more of a harsh texture that you will find when you are exfoliating with this product. I have been a Lush scrub fan for a while now. While the Cranberry Fizz lip scrub from Lush is not new, I went through it faster than truly any product, you could say I was obsessed. It removed so much dead skin and overall made my lips feel brand new.

As you all may know, Glossier is known for its sheer and youthful play on beauty. They focus in on embracing natural qualities. There is nothing cute about embracing a crusted lip. That's why I carry the Rose Balm Dotcom from Glossier ($12)everywhere I go. Not only is the packaging beyond aesthetically pleasing, but the Balm Dotcom is infused with antioxidants to nourish and repair our chafed winter lips.

If you are looking for something other than a scrub, Kiehl's has a new Love Oil For Lips ($19). This product is an oil-based lip treatment that is multipurpose for the wearer who needs hydration and wants a gloss as well. It is infused with coconut oil and moringa oil for smoother and softer lips. Personal thoughts: loved the gloss but didn't find much exfoliation. I felt like I needed more support to remove the dryness throughout the day, sounds like bra shopping.

We are all ready for spring and warmer weather, but your lips might not transition as quickly as your wardrobe. Give your lips a chance they need to rehydrate by moisturizing with these very needed scrubs and oils.

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