5 Ways To Stay Productive This Winter Break
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5 Ways To Stay Productive This Winter Break

Don't get stuck in a slump.

5 Ways To Stay Productive This Winter Break

It's easy to get bored over the winter break. In college, we have a month or so to slowly lose our drive to study and put time into our student groups. It's easy to get sucked into Netflix and not see the light of day until mid-January rolls around. When we were kids, we had such high hopes. We wanted to be rock stars, astronauts, or maybe the President. Now we know that no one wants to be the President. We just want to get through the next semester and get one step closer to graduating. Winter break is a great time to reset your mind and body, have some fun, and maybe pick up a new hobby or two. Here are some ideas to try out while you're enjoying your winter break.

1. Keep a journal

Writing in a journal or diary is good for focus and keeping track of your own progress throughout your college career. Imagine years from now reading about your life in college. Maybe you write about your first internship, or about your college sweetheart. It's a great way to record your dreams for the future and to have your memories recorded forever.

2. Teach yourself something new

Learning something new is a sure way to keep your brain alert over the break. Maybe pick up a new instrument, or one you played in middle school or high school that you've gotten rusty at. Maybe try a new class like yoga or ballet. Go rock climbing. Pick up a book for a language you may like to learn more about. There's never any harm in learning more.

3. Create a Holiday Bucket List

Bucket lists are great for setting goals that you may not have otherwise thought of. Set some activities you want to do with friends and family. Maybe building the greatest gingerbread house in the world and then exploding it on camera is on your list. Maybe you want to go skiing or make the turkey for dinner this year. Whatever you want to do, go for it this winter break!

4. Volunteer at an animal shelter or soup kitchen

There's nothing to warm you up inside and continue your philanthropic endeavors from the semester through the break like helping cute little animals or helping feed the less fortunate.

5. Exercise!

We complain about holiday weight all winter long. Under the guise of "my hibernation suit," those sneaky pounds make their way under our ugly Christmas sweaters. Don't just start the new year off right; keep your resolutions and reap the benefits for life.

It's easy to fall into a slump. Winter break comes and we become one with the couch. Don't let sedentary lifestyles take over! Get out, do something with family and friends. You won't regret it.

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