5 Great Online Shops To Help Craft Your Halloween Costume

5 Great Online Shops To Help Craft Your Halloween Costume

Because college kids have no time to make it to the mall


Trying to put together the costume of the century, but you're swamped with essays and exams and have no time to actually go shopping? Or struggling to even come up with a costume, and stressing because the big day's less than 2 weeks away? Look no further than these five trendy, web-based clothing stores for all your last-minute Halloween needs!

1) SheIn

Not gonna lie, this is probably the best site on the list - it's truly a "one-stop" kind of place, with thousands (I'm not exaggerating) of super cut tops, shoes, accessories, skirts, and shorts to sift through. Pretty much if you name it, they have it! Oh, and the best part? It's super cheap (I once spent $4 on 2 tops!), and there seems to always be some kind of flash sale going on.

2) Etsy 

Some of the best parts of my past costumes have come from Etsy's creators - I found a very pretty and rather inexpensive star crown there last year! Just do a quick search for what you want, although do try to make it as specific as possible, and start exploring.

3) Romwe

This website is very similar to SheIn - the items are inexpensive yet high-quality, and there are flash sales all the time. Plus, they offer you a 15% off discount when you first sign up!

4) Boohoo 

Boohoo has a fairly expansive Halloween section, with everything in it now on sale for 60% off!

5) Urbanog 

I recently came across this site while doing a bit of costume shopping myself, and I was blown away by how colorful and fun all their items are. They also have quite a large shoe section, if you're into that!

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