It is finally October and that means two things--finals are coming up and Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween in college not only takes place on the 31st, but also on the six days leading up to it, so one costume won't be enough. Here are some costumes that work best for a broke college student, like myself:

1. M&Ms

Go to your closest Michael's and grab a large shirt of any M&Ms color and white felt. Cut the felt into an M and glue it to the front of the shirt. This is perfect is you're looking for a simple group costume.

2. Risky Business

Risky Business is a more popular costume than the movie these days. Just grab an oversized, white button-up shirt from your boyfriend, brother, or dad and you're good to go. Throw on a pair of spandex, converse, and wayfarers to make this costume complete.

3. Football Fan

All you need for this costume is anything and everything that shows you have school spirit. If you, surprisingly, do not have any of your school's merchandise, go to the closest spirit store and raid the clearance rack.

4. Alien

Forever 21 is your go-to for this outfit. Grab a pair of galaxy leggings, a matching tank, and glittery face makeup to complete this look.

5. Solo Cup

The picture pretty much sums it all up. All you would need for this is a big, red shirt, and white paper or felt to cut out the word "SOLO" from. You can find the ping pong balls at the closest store or frat house.

6. Grey's Anatomy

This outfit can be found at Walmart and even Goodwill. Blue scrubs is all you need, and you can make a name tag of the character that is most similar to you to wear.

7. Damian From Mean Girls

The only thing you would need to buy for this costume is a blue, zip-up hoodie. Top it off with a pair of black sunglasses and sign saying "she doesn't even go here" and you're good to go.

8. Hobo

If you're trying to take the more comfortable route, this is the costume for you. Find some ratty clothing, beaten-up shoes, and a piece of cardboard. Don't forget to write something along the lines of "I'm poor, anything helps" for the finishing touch.