5 Easy Changes To Make Your Life A Little Better
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5 Easy Changes To Make Your Life A Little Better

A little can go a long way.

5 Easy Changes To Make Your Life A Little Better
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Maybe your life's already great or maybe it's lacking something small, but there are always quick and easy changes you can do that will make it even better.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut and are looking to make some positive changes to your life, here are 5 tips to hopefully brighten your day and get the ball rolling.

1. Go to sleep 10 minutes earlier and wake up 10 minutes earlier

This is actually a pretty easy adjustment to make that you don't have to put a lot of thought into. Those 10 minutes right before you go to sleep don't make any difference in the long run, and you make them up just as easily in the morning. That extra time can be the difference between rushing or not, having breakfast or going without, or starting your day off stressed or relaxed and ready.

2. Positive mental talk

Positive psychology is the wave of the future. Even if you feel stupid for it and even if you think you're lying, repeat happy or optimistic thoughts in your head periodically throughout the day. With this, you can trick your brain into thinking more positive, happier thoughts all the time if you make a conscious effort to think them more often in your head.

3. Drink more water

Nothing is harder than getting into the habit or bringing water around with you everywhere you go and actually remembering to drink it. But once you do, you realize that you should have always been doing it. Staying hydrated is huge for your general health, helping you feel less tired, or clearing up your skin so drinking more water will have endless benefits for your overall day.

4. Reconnect with old friends

Nothing is easier than looking up an old number and letting someone know you're thinking of them. It usually makes the other person's day, and it can be a great mood booster of your own too to reconnect and feel the sentiment of an old friend. It's just thoughtful and kind to catch up, and certainly at no cost to you.

5. Write down your emotions

Writing truly is the best therapy. Sometimes the mere act of getting something down is all that needs to be done to ease the mind. In the end you might actually find that you don't really want to be heard or let your feelings known, you may simply just want to get your thoughts out to the world. Writing is a safe and private place to do that, can help you to organize ideas before you say them, or let you decide maybe it's best not to say them after all.

Life is full of easy changes to make for a better day if you are willing to get creative. Hopefully you can find a couple of methods that work for you and use your better day to make someone else's day better, too!

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