You know how it goes, “new year, new you.” I agree and disagree with that saying. I think that you don’t need to become a new version of yourself, but perhaps just practice being mindful on bettering yourself in different aspects of your life that you see fit. I think each new year provides the opportunity to make changes to make life better for yourself and for those around you. Here are my five things I like to be mindful of when a new year approaches.

1. Set goals/intentions

Personally, I find it extremely important to set goals and intentions. It allows people to feel purpose and working towards something provides structure and room for feeling accomplished. Achieving small and large goals keeps me motivated and ambitious, which I like feeling. I think everyone should set intentions for the new year, and whatever sized goals you wish to feel proud of yourself and focused on making life good.

2. Eat well

After the weeks of holiday parties and celebrations, it is common to hear people around you saying they’re going to start eating clean and focus on treating their body better. Well, I think that it is a great time to start being mindful of what you put into your body, and a new year is a perfect time to start anew. I know I will surely be focusing on eating tons of vegetables and less crap starting in the beginning of 2017. Why not start the new year by feeling great. Your body and brain will thank you.

3. Be positive

The new year is a clean slate. Practicing being positive every morning when you wake up and when facing challenges in your new year will absolutely make a difference in your mentality. Being nice to yourself and others will improve your overall happiness and well-being. You always have the choice of making the best of a situation or allowing it to get you down. The start to 2017 is a perfect opportunity to really exercise your free will and choice to be happy and positive. Gratitude and positivity always make me feel filled with joy. Life is beautiful!

4. Be active

I don’t need to tell you the benefits of activities and exercise. This new year deserves to be a sweaty one. Make an effort to be active, get into a routine, and you will feel great about yourself and the new year's potential. It doesn’t have to be hitting the gym every day, just do fun stuff with your friends, enjoy fresh air and you will be happy.

5. Do nice things for people

2017 is the perfect year to do nice things for others. With everything going on in the world, making an effort to bring happiness to someone else’s day will make a bigger difference than you’d think. If everyone is mindful of being more patient, kind and forgiving towards others as well as ourselves, the more positive a community will become. I truly believe kindness creates a chain reaction, and this world can use all the kindness it can get.