45 Things to Do When You're Stressed
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45 Things to Do When You're Stressed

Simple things that will help you relax.

45 Things to Do When You're Stressed
Rushing Woman's Syndrome

Whether due to work, school, or relationships with others, we all experience stress. Some stress is good, but we all need to have ways to relax when we feel utterly overwhelmed and overextended before we let it consume us. Here are some positive ways to destress...

1. Take a walk alone

Quiet reflection can do wonders, especially if you are moving.

2. Take a walk with friends

Grab the best listener (or distractor) you know, put on your shoes, and head out.

3. Listen to your favorite song

Pretend it is the first time you have ever heard it and let yourself enjoy it.

4. Call your mom

Mom know best.

5. Call your best friend

Especially if your best friend lives states away from you, sometimes just hearing their voice is a comfort.

6. Pull out a coloring book for some old-fashioned color therapy

Honestly, who doesn't have an "adult" coloring book?

7. Hug someone for 30 seconds

Yay, Oxytocin!!!

8. Try an old-lady hobby, like knitting

They are low pressure and the basics are typically easy to learn.

9. Yoga

If you've never tried yoga you can take a class or make YouTube tutorials with your best friend.

10. Exercise

Yay, endorphins!!!

11. Go hammocking

Easily one of the most relaxing sensations is swinging in a hammock on a sunny day.

12. Watch a funny movie

If I've learned anything from cheesy metaphors its that laughter is the best medicine, apparently.

13. Play a game with friends

Boom. Instant entertainment to give yourself a break.

14. Find your musically inclined friends and have a jam session

Don't worry if you can't sing or play an instrument, its a jam session, not American Idol.

15. Write about a favorite memory

Hopefully reminiscing will help put a smile on your face.

16. Write a letter to someone you appreciate

Its a sweet surprise for them and its a reminder of something good in your life.

17. Write a letter to a problem in your life

Writing it all out can be one of the best ways to unscramble your thoughts and emotions.

18. Write about whatever is on your mind, honestly

Enough said.

19. Pet a cat or a dog

If you don't have one near you, there is an endless supply of cute cat videos on the internet that will do in a pinch.

20. Have a cuddle puddle with your best friends

Yay, friendship!

21. Read a book

Pick up a new book or find one of your favorites and let yourself get into it.

22. Read a magazine

If you don't like books, find an interesting article to take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out for a little bit.

23. Ride a bike

Again, exercise.

24. Take pictures of the things you love

Not only is it fun, but the pictures will be good to look back on later.

25. Take pictures of the people you love

Another reminder of the support system that you have.

26. Drink tea

Or really any hot beverage (preferable decaffeinated though).

27. Take a nap

Give yourself twenty minutes to doze.

28. Lay down on your bed or the floor with your legs up on the wall

Sound weird but it is actually a super relaxing position to lay in.

29. Stay hydrated and fed

You have to take care of yourself if you are ever going to feel better.

30. Breathe

Deep breath in, deep breath out. Focusing on your breathing can be especially beneficial if you are under a lot of pressure.

31. Try something new that you've always wanted to do

Go try a new workout or take an art class. Don't doubt yourself, just do it.

32. Read some positive affirmations and tell them to yourself until you believe them

Remember them so you can use them whenever you need to overcome any negative thoughts.

33. Find a small DIY project on Pinterest

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Either way, it will give you a fun, relatively short distraction so you can refresh your creativity.

34. Find your niche

Search for a spot where you feel totally comfortable so you can have a familiar place to go to when you are feeling overwhelmed.

35. Listen to your favorite song from when you were little

Long live, Disney!

36. Put on your comfiest clothes

Again, let yourself relax.

37. Plan ahead for your week

Knowing what is coming up can help you plan when and where you can get work done. Practicing good time management can help relieve any uneasiness or worry about being productive.

38. Systematic Desensitization

Combine deep muscle relaxation with various mental images of what is giving you stress to reassociate your feelings toward your anxiety.

39. Clean your workspace

Clear space, clear mind.

40. Bake something or make yourself dinner

Cooking can be very methodical and fun, and the food always tastes better when you make it anyways.

41. Do a random act of kindness

Making someone else smile is super rewarding.

42. Go to bed early

You can't work under pressure if you don't have any steam. If you are feeling overworked, it is 10 times more important that you are getting enough sleep.

43. List all of the good things about yourself

You can do it!

44. List all of the things you are thankful for

Remind yourself why it is good to be you.

45. List all of your goals

List all of them, big or small. Figure out if what you are doing is helping you move closer to achieve those goals and realign your priorities if needed.

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